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Google's book store now available in 44 countries around the world

Google Play Books is expanding to five new countries starting today. If you're in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru or Venezuela, you'll now have access to the Google Play Books ecosystem, bringing the total number of countries up to a staggering 44.

If you're in one of the above countries and want to check out the reading collection that Google Play has to offer, head to the Play Store and pick up a couple of good reads.

Source: Google Play Support

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HalizDad says:


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Connor Mason says:


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So Andrew you telling me you use n4,n5 and moto x all three at the same time xP

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Zig261 says:

i have all three devices in my possession and it's no problem.

Troneas says:

heh, before the N5 came out all these pictures featured the htc one..

ced2334 says:

How about Google music in Canada already

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Im Venezuelan. and yes, it is available here.

leroytorner says:

And Paraguay??

Texas Black says:

great hopefully we will be able to upload CBR files......

ecr80 says:

And still no Puerto Rico.