Google Places Mobile Search

Fire up from your phone's browser this morning and you'll see a few familiar buttons at the bottom. Those are borrowed from the Places app, which is now part of the default Google Apps stable. Tap one, and you'll get local results for restaurants, coffee shops, bars, fast food, what's nearby, shops, ATMs, gas stations and other attractions. It's just like the Places app, only it's been moved into the browser. A nice little treat.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in! (And to @Samlehman90 for the pic)

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soccerfon711 says:

What ever happened to those icons that were supposedly rolling out to replace Web, Images, Places, etc?

gmonkey88 says:

I was going to ask that same question. They looked really cool, and I got all excited for nothing.

I assume it is still coming. Probably will roll out one at a time. Google doesn't seem to like to do huge changes but small ones that add up over time (like Google +1 is the first of the social integration).

xlerate says:

Buzz preceded +1 as Google's social entry.

wraith404 says:

Good, maybe now they can remove it from the bloated Maps app.

Google must know me pretty well to have Restaurants, Coffee and Bars as the main buttons. Lol. I'm really not interested in anything else.

George West says:

I just checked mine and its dated from December 14th, 2010 on my HTC Hero on Sprint. This could be just because no updtes are rolled out to the Hero. But hopefully I'll be getting a EVO 3D at the end of the week.

patfactorx says:

I. Have the new mobile search already. Very useful.