Not to be left out of the April fool's fun, the Google+ team has conjured up an April fool's joke of their own involving the auto awesome feature on Google+ and none other than David Hasselhoff.

Today we’re announcing Auto Awesome Photobombs. What’s more fun than Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing U2 at The Oscars Or Michelle Obama at The White House. A good photobomb can turn an ordinary photo into something special and put a smile on your face. Now with Auto Awesome, celebrities can make a spontaneous appearance in your pictures!

The Google+ team invites you to upload your own images but they suggest leaving a bit of room for The Hoff. The funny thing is, it's kind of hard to tell whether or not this is 100 percent a joke or if The Hoff might actually pop up on some pictures you upload.

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Google+ Photos introduces Auto Awesome Photobombs, with David Hasselhoff!


You know....seriously, this could be fun if it were real. You post some photos and through some weird Googly algorithm it picks a random photo and poof, your Android notifications are letting you know there is a new auto-awesome photo waiting for you! Just saying...

With as much gimmicky crap as Google throws into G+, it wouldn't surprise me if this were real.

Meanwhile, I still can't filter posts based on hash tags or keywords, but at least I can get animated snowflakes in my photos.

To filter just search for the particular hashtag in the search bar at the top. Unfortunately you can't add it as a feed like you can with Twitter's list functions, but then Google+ is not Twitter.

I don't want to add them as a feed. I want to BLACKLIST certain words/hashtags so that they never show up in my stream.

Ah, yes, that would be nice! Best advice is make two circles and put everyone in one circle. Then if someone posts something you don't care about move them to the other circle. If you only view the "main" circle then you also bypass all the cruft from the main stream. I use this to enable a quick check on people/things I care about if I have a limited amount of time. Everyone else goes into another circle and about the only time I see any of their stuff is if I leave the main stream up. Not ideal, but does work. The nice think is no one can see what circle you have them in!

Yes, already do this. But the point is that this nonsense wouldn't be necessary if Google would concentrate more on features that significantly improve the social networking experience, rather than stupid photo gimmicks.