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Google Opinion Rewards, the app that lets you answer surveys of varying lengths for small amounts of Google Play credit, has just expanded to the Netherlands. Today's expansion builds on a somewhat small list of countries that now have access to the app, which is a handy way to build up a few dollars (or your equivalent currency) here and there for a few minutes of your time.

You can grab a download of the Google Opinion Rewards app from the Play Store link above, and start receiving surveys as soon as they're available in your region.

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Google Opinion Rewards expands to the Netherlands, offers Play credit for surveys


I play (use) it. It`s not too bad. At intervals, I get sometimes 10c to $1 per survey. The surveys can be filled up in no time at all.

What??????? This is not at all true!! I've been saving for over a year just to get $5 in credit. You are delusional if you think that is "no time".

Also, good luck if you don't have enough credit to buy anything. You don't get the option to just pay the extra. It's all with survey rewards credit or nothing!!

Believe me, I'm not ungrateful...something for free is definitely better than nothing, but it's not at all the picture you've painted. Not even close.

Different people will get different amounts of surveys. And different surveys in general. No need to get on your high horse man.

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i used a secondary account with a private US vpn to have access to it, but lately im not getting any more surveys which just sucks...

I've probably made $10 off of it since I signed up nearly a year ago. However, to my knowledge, I've only ever spent about $3. The money tends to disappear for some reason. It says the credit expires after a year, but I haven't even been signed up that long.

For example. just the other day I got 10¢ for a short survey, and my balance afterwards was something like $1.20. This afternoon I completed a survey and received 92¢ for it, but when it showed my balance, it was only $1.30. There's no history to show you where the credit is going.

This has happened to me too, I reported it to them but didn't get a reply.

I like the app but you should be able to see a history of your account and be able to use part of the credit towards a greater value.

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I've made about $7-$12 since the program became available. Get a survey about once a month that takes a minute to fill out, while occasionally getting 2-3 a month. The lowest reward I've gotten was about $0.10, while the highest was about $1.00.

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I have been using for a while now and have cashed in close to $15 in awesome apps. Great way to get pro version and splurge without feeling guilty. My surveys run from 10 cents to a dollar.

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I've found I can extend (and seemingly get more $) by answering questions with answers that seem likely to lead to additional questions.

Here's what I mean: Often it will say something to the effect of "question 1 of up to ___". It stands to reason that, with a seemingly flexible # of questions, they have to have some way of deciding who will get asked 1 question, 2 questions, etc.

Well, if the first question is "Do you have/use/own/ _______", SAY YES!

If you say no, they typically say "thanks!" and give you 10 cents. But if you *pretend* you do, they'll ask the follow-up questions and give you more $!

I noticed that too, surely it will lead to people lying to increase the money they get; It's quite a bad algorithm from Google.

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