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Google Now is improving day-by-day with new back-end changes to bring new features, and the latest is local shopping results based on your search history. Building on a feature previously available through search that showed local stores in results for product searches, Google Now will now offer you a card showing when a nearby store has a product that you've been searching for.

Just in case you hadn't made the purchase online for something you were shopping for, you'll now be able to glance at Google Now and see if a nearby shop has the exact same product for a comparable price. It takes the guess work out of wondering if a particular store has the product you want — you just need to stop in and see if they have it in stock. To get the new card make sure you have the latest Google Search app — the rest happens automatically.

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Grahaman27 says:

$$$ this is how google is expanding its profits. I know the next version of android will have ibeacon like functionality so google can cash in if you actually visit one of the stores.

MacAir says:

Google's profits aren't rising that much, and price per click is going down WAY fast.

They better hope no one comes with a competing search engine that can be used as default on most platforms. Apple is especially dangerous, there.

I'm not saying who would make the best job, just stating that if all Apple devices changed the search engine, and some Windows computers, Google would get hit HARD.

So they are doing the right thing and taking some leverage from the awesomeness that is Google Now.

But prepare for a more closed Android. Google has to monetize it.

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Zig261 says:

They will never close up Android. That will get a lot of manufacturers very upset and back away from Google.

i highly doubt Apple will change the default search engine out of Google anytime soon to Yahoo or Bing. Even Apple knows those two engines still pale in reputation and usability to Google. If Apple ever releases this "Found" search engine that was recently talked about, its game over for Google. Especially if Apple advertises it as "stylish, privacy-oriented, and ad-free".

MacAir says:

OEMs are useless pawns, they have no choice but to do what Google wants.

4.4 provides enough evidence about Google's goal. It's all about the Google experience, as it should be.

If OEMs want their cut, do it like Moto did. It's better for everybody. Users, OEMs and Google.

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you (they) say "stylish, privacy orientated and ad free" I say who's paying for this and how will the engine learn and improve results? yes Google reads side information we send it via search, now, and almost all things android but they use this to better their service. just my 2¢

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wickets says:

is this from a new update, or is it part of the update that came last week....3.4(?) doesnt make it easy to keep track :)

Not particularly tied to any update for this feature. The code for the Google Search app to show it could've been included weeks ago — the back-end service that knows when to send you the card is what's being turned on today.

wickets says:

Appreciate the feedback and info.... Thanks

LightaDroid says:

I don't need Google knowing everything. it already knows enough

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ahutchga1972 says:


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kctony says:

Not sure if I'm very impressed, or mildly concerned. Guess I'll just have to see how far they're going to take Google Now.

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jackwagon06 says:

I googled the Sterling incident, and now when I wake up I get the Clippers score!
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Insp_Gadget says:

So, remove the Clippers from the list of teams in the settings.

chrismage says:

Still waiting for mine to upgrade to version 3.4.

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The apk is on android police

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Take THAT Amazon.

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Am i the only one that is more worried of how Google gets that info? Unless the stores tells them what they provide then idk how else they would be able to get all that info. O_o

TonyHoyle says:

I presume they scrape it off websites, so it'll be useless for many store without an online presence (most of them).

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I still can't get the Google card to show me where I parked and I have the latest Google.

TonyHoyle says:

I think you have to enable it somehow. Unfortunately the Google now settings page isn't helping (I'm sure there's an enable/disable cards page somewhere but it's well hidden).

I tried looking for anything that'll enable the card and I tried to even use Google maps just to see it the card would pop up but nothing happened. I even have the HTC M8 so I know it's not the phone. I'm at a loss.

NSA is providing data for Google i see. CyanogenMod 4.4 is pretty much Google free, only the search widget

Stephan Hall says:

I too think that Google is becoming more monetized. I would like to be more idealistic and say otherwise, but as history has always repeated .... greed and profits will rule. Google has already denied consumers the ability to control permissions with stock android .... Why? Because it facilitates a way to revenue. Google will eventually suffer the consequences that Microsoft has experienced.

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yubeie says:

While I do like the abilities of Google Now, it definitely needs to be more battery friendly. My N5 has been experiencing too many nlp wakelocks offlate. It almost reached a point, where I was forced to turn off location services, which defeats the purpose. I think Google should consider this a top priority issue if they have not already.

dchawk81 says:

So my nephews will see a popup about the local adult store having that massive dildo I looked at as a joke on Amazon?