Google Now weather card shows the highs and lows of your day

Google has made a change to its back-end so that the Google Now weather card now displays the temperature for the day as well as the highs and the lows. Google has made some small tweaks to the way the weather card displays information and this latest change should make glancing at weather information more useful.

As this is a Google back-end change, there is no update needed on the part of the user.


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Google Now weather card shows the highs and lows of your day


It's already there from what it seems. But I didn't see the update symbol on my notifications at all.

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Updates to most of Google Now's cards and capabilities don't require an update on the phone itself, it's all on the back end.

Anyone else getting a constant force close with the latest update? I had to delete updates because it was one force close after another. Galaxy S4 on Cyanogenmod latest m release.

I recently had a problem while checking google now. The phone became unresponsive and entered some infinite reboot loop - with the occasional message saying "unfortunately google search has stoped"... Anyway, I had no choice than to wipe the device and reflash the stock images.. (stock Nexus 4)

Can I do that without being able to control the phone? (in case it happens again...)
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I'm using the nexus 4, completely stock (but bootloader is unlocked)

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I wouldn't automatically want it in a card, but it would be nice if selecting the weather card gave you the radar map.

Ok maybe I'm missing something here but I can't get on the google now bandwagon. mainly because it doesn't have the advanced search tools to filter results. I find myself having to filter by time frame frequently and maybe I'm missing something obvious here, but Google now doesn't seem to have it. does this not frustrate anyone else?

Here in the UK, I think I've only seen an accurate forecast only once! Wish we had an option to choose where the data comes from

Also you can now open a specific setting. "OK Google, turn on WiFi/ open WiFi"

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