Google Now in Chrome.

Google Now voice search goes live in the latest Chrome desktop builds

Ladies and gents, it's time to upgrade your Chrome browser. Google Now style voice search has just went live in the latest Chrome stable version for the desktop (Version 27.0.1453.93). As far as we can tell from playing around testing things, the full contextual search isn't running like we saw in the demo during the Google I/O keynote, but the basic voice search and response is ready to go.

To get the latest update is easy. Open the settings in the Chrome browser, and click the Help line entry. Give it a second or two to start checking, and when it tells you to restart Chrome, just restart your whole browser session. When things come back, head to and click the microphone in the search box. 

You have to give permission (look for the bar across the top of the window) to listen to your voice, then start asking questions. Welcome to the future! We've got a couple screenshots after the break just in case you're not able to update or don't use Chrome.

Thanks, Christian!


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Google Now style voice search now live in Chrome stable channel


Would be really nice if there was a button that you could search from any webpage instead of having to go to to do your search. I'd use it more if I could just press a button on the browser and do a voice search.

I'd love the Google now function like my phone, use the mouse and swipe up and the Microphone pops up on the monitor

@kadield there is an extension in the chrome store that puts a microphone in every text entry box as well as in the top right corner of every webpage

Please bring it on... THAT would be a major change, NO keyboard commands, and having your browser respond just as your phone would if you were on Google Now.

But seriously - where is this functionality? The entire demo centered around everything being preceded with "OK, Google..." and now that we get it, this piece is nowhere to be found... Was this a Chrome OS only feature or what?

When I first heard Google was bringing Google Now to Chrome, I thought they meant you'd be able to view your cards in Chrome, but instead it's just voice search.

Voice search is cool, but really, it doesn't help that much on a desktop because a desktop/laptop keyboard is way faster than a smartphone/tablet keyboard anyway. In my opinion, the main draw for voice search on a mobile device is ease of input.

So I don't foresee myself using this feature that much.

I hope we see Google Now cards make an appearance on Chrome in the future. That would be awesome

I agree with voice search on my computer. I can nearly type as fast as I speak anyways and I don't have to deal with voice recognition software not understanding what I say.

It is cool, but I don't see a lot of value in it on a computer.

It's coming. The plumbing is all there already. I suspect Google's holding it for the big ChromeOS announcement they briefly mentioned at I/O.

ChromeOS just got a full on-screen keyboard as well, so there must be a Chrome tablet or convertible in the works.

@kadield there is an extension in the chrome store that puts a microphone in every text entry box as well as in the top right corner of every webpage.

I was really hoping to be able to say "Okay Google" from anywhere in Chrome and have it search. I guess it's not quite there yet. Contextual searches didn't work for me and it doesn't recognise "Okay Google" from the search page either.

I won't be using this until I can do a Google voice search from any page. Let me hold down F9 or some user-defined key combination. Then once that key combination is held down, open a new tab and start listening. If nothing is heard, close the newly created tab. And also let this work on every text entry.

Someone mentioned an extension to do this, but it requires using the cursor. I hate using the cursor, I am a keyboard person. And although I no longer own a Mac, I thought the way OS X 10.8 handled this was great. On any text entry system wide, double tap Fn and you can dictate.

On a sidenote, the guy that wrote this article is such a hypocrite.... Using Ad-Block on a site that pays you through ad impressions. I think I will enable it just for this site specifically :)

It is a shame that voice recognition software still struggles with the Scottish accent. We dont all sound like Willie from the simpsons and even the well sopken of us are still having to repeat searches time and time again taking the convenience out of the voice search. I was excited to see this at I/O and hopefully accents will not be an issue for long in this fast advancing feild. Any other accents cause people grief?

this new update keeps causing chrome to constantly crash and restart. i've tried doing all the suggestions to fix this issue, but it keeps on crashing. anyone else???

Just updated the Chrome version, click on the microphone button pops up correctly in red with microphone connection, however it says 'no internet connection' besides it when i'm obviously connected to the Internet. Anybody have a clue as to why that is? Thanks, and my region is UK.

I get the same problem (also in UK), I can do one search but any secondary searches show as no internet connection until I restart chrome. Then I can do the first search again before it craps out on the second.

Ah well I'm sure it'll sort itself.

It recognizes both Dutch and English very well, but the information cards don't show up. Just the normal search results.

I notice that you don't show the answer to the question in that image. I didn't watch the video.

My answer is your answer though. What's the pod Android podcast, though, goes to those other guys that your boss visited with this week.