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Good news, folks! If you like to use the Internet as some sort of popularity contest, Google+ has you covered, as it now shows the total number of views your profile, posts and pictures have received. If you've got it but don't want to flaunt it, you can hide the number in your settings. (Same as you can the number of circles you're in.) Try not to let this go to your head, m'kay?

And while you're at it, be sure to circle up +Android Central.

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E60351 says:

you sure this isnt an april fool's joke?

That would be a pretty lame one if it was! Lol

No, it actually does show your views now on your profile page.

E60351 says:

i saw but i have a sneaking suspicion this may disappear in a couple days ...

Yeah, who knows. I don't have any friends that really use G+, so I never use it either. I guess it is what it is :)

E60351 says:

i've found friends on g+ i wouldnt have ever socialized with ... only a small portion of my "in real life" friends are on it but i've made a ton more just socializing in the communities

vansmack says:

I'm sure it is. I'm sure Google doesn't want everyone else to know how few people actually use Google+.

And that's not saying it's a bad product, it's just not oft used.

brendilon says:

I've got 200,000 views, which I would bet is more views than my Facebook profile has had. G+ gets a lot more use than haters like yourself think.

Zig261 says:

Does your friends use it? Are you really engaged in G+ are you were on FB?


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E60351 says:

a lot and more so

Do I like to pose questions and then answer them myself?
You bet i Do!

E60351 says:

i can honestly say i've all but abandoned facebook ... there is a lot that g+ offers that nothing compares to (whole package wise) ... i care little that my real world friends arent all on it, yet, as they will in time ... as facebook gets worse and worse publicity people will leave and if they have a gmail account they already have a google plus account as well as an easy way to "follow" people ... posts look better, blah blah blah ... i'm not here to sell it ... i will say that i'm surprised i have 279k views on my profile ... part of the reason i think its an april fool's joke but i wouldnt be surprised either ... there's way more activity on the plus than most outsider think

estockda says:

I'm totally in, like, a million or a billion circles! Whatever.

Zig261 says:

Who uses this again?

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xlDeMoNiClx says:

If you're talking about Google+, more people use it than Twitter.

Let that sink in.

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Alex Tex says:

I think its a joke. How can I have 130 000 views if I didnt use g+ so much.

ShawnMeds23 says:

Not seeing it on my profile. Guess it's another troll out.

You should see it on the desktop site on your profile.

Taz89 says:

So this isn't for mobile then? No use for me then

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joshua.worth says:

1,396,649 profile views? And only 611 followers lmfao I don't think so April Fools has begun as per Google's usual shenanigans.

HeyImAlexD says:

Not an active G+ user at all lol. Other than YouTube comments or writing Android Reviews on the Play Store, I do absolutely nothing with it (and honestly don't plan to in the future).

Still, if this feature sticks, it could be pretty cool for the active users of G+

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adhinatalia says:

I found your articles because I want to know also bout this.. I have 80 millions and more views on my profile +natalia adhi without doing anything instead posting. :) Funny is, I don't even feel like I'm globally famous..