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Roll out begins today, should be available for all in the next few weeks

We've seen Google Now for Chrome on the desktop for folks using beta builds, but starting today it's pushing out to all users. You won't need to fiddle with any settings or flags or do any sort of wizardry, but you will need to be on the latest version of Chrome — which you should be anyway for security reasons. Once Google Now for Chrome is available for you, you use it just like you would on the phone, with reminders and cards in your tray, and voice commands through the Google website. For more information, see this Google help topic page.

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Google Now rolling out to Chrome desktop users


You have to wait. It comes automatically if you're on the latest chrome.

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The data is collected either way.. So at least here it is also being aggregated to provide something else...

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Still waiting here too. It's nice that they can push all of the April Fools stuff at one time but I'd prefer something useful like Google Now be pushed out quicker.

Oh yeah! The one feature I do want is to be able to rearrange the cards, on both mobile and in the browser

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Yes. It was in the Dev build of version 34 last month and will be rolling out to the stable build over the next two weeks.

Is this available in the UK? Got the setting ticked in chrome://flags but I cannot see Google Now on my desktop

My version of Chrome is up to date but I just realized that I don't even have the little notification thingy in the bottom right of my screen any more. Anyone know what could have happened to it?

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So far I love google now on my phone and can't wait to use it on the desktop

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Ryano, mine is the same as yours. What country are you in?

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I'm in the US. I used to have the notification symbol, I don't know where it went

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My notifications are set but I still don't get the icon in my system tray. Strange as it is showing on my other computer.

Can it turn on my computer? Or turn it off without my mouse? Sorry for zee noobz question ?

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That is a great question. Hopefully someone using the beta build can answer that question for us.

Now if Google fixed the scaling issues with the Surface Pro devices. I mean, I had to disable display scaling on high hpi settings and enable zooming to 125%, and it still look weird. Can I also mention that on my Surface Pro 2, there is no option for it to run in Windows 8 mode? D:

What version is needed for this? I have version 33.0.1750.154, and the Google Now option is grayed out when I click on the Chrome icon in my task bar. When I check, it says I have the latest version.