Creating a voice reminder inside Android's Google Now search has just gotten easier with less screen taps required. Google has quietly flipped the switch on its servers so that no updates are required that would allow users to create a reminder from start to finish by only using their voice and not having to tap on the screen for confirmation.

Now, when you need to set a reminder, all you would need to do is say "yes" into the microphone to confirm what Google had just transcribed from your voice. This ensures that Google was able to create the reminder accurately using the speech-to-text engine, a process that previously required users to hit an "OK" confirmation on the screen.

If Google didn't get something right, or if you change your mind after you initiated Google Now, you can say "no" to cancel the reminder.

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Google Now Reminders can finally be set using nothing more than voice commands


Thank the gods. I recently switched over to Android and little things like that annoyed me, though with my iPhone I had touch the home button initially. Now with this coupled with always listening on my Moto X I can do more without touching phone, something very useful in my line of work.

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+1 great addition! Was pretty annoyed when I'd set a reminder in the car & had to do something on screen!

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Are there any "always listening" apps, apks, or anything for rooted folks that are actually good yet?

Every time I try one it's a hassle to set up, then it doesn't work while it drains my battery like crazy. Yes, yes, I know that it's going to use the battery a little bit, but what I've seen is absurd.

Any recommendations? (Nexus5, FWIW)

How does the GEL not drain the battery as much as other implementations, just by virtue of the fact that we don't spend much time on the home screen? Or is it leveraging some of the context sensing hardware in the N5? And if it's doing the latter, why limit it to the home screen? Not that I'm complaining, tapping to the home screen works alright for me, it'd be even better at the desk with something like LG's Knock On.

Yeah, I think because it's not *always* listening - only when you're on a home screen. It works great, but I really wish I could just shout at my phone while I'm in the shower and I remember something, or send my wife a text while I'm in the car, or ask Google a simple question when my hands are full and the phone is in my pocket.

That would be awesome. Open Mic is the only one so far that is close...

Note 3 with SfSV does these, except the wake up phrase cannot be changed from "Hi Galaxy". Maybe the shower is the only place you would not feel ashamed to say to your phone... On the S5 Samsung has messed even this up: voice wake-up only works if the car mode is enabled. But it disables itself from time to time.

What's in favor of these though is that the "Hi Galaxy" feature uses the low power SnapDragon always listening chip, so it actually has zero dent on battery life. With Samsung's "S Voice" it was embarrassing (as seen in this video: :-)) but with apps like S for Switch Voice this could be fixed.

Awesome! I have had times where I almost missed the execution of a reminder because I forgot to confirm the action.

This needs to be system wide in all Google now interactions like sending a text.

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Texting already works like this, unless it was also updated, pretty sure it's always asked "do you want to send the text" at the end tho.

Unlike the previous AC article about setting timers, incorrectly claiming it was "Google Now" (it is just part of Google search and does not require Now nor "OK Google" to be on)... this reminder feature really does require Google Now to be on. Oh well.

Now if I could only find out how to make Google control my ford sync.

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