Google Now Back during Google I/O 2012, we saw the unveiling of Google Now for Jelly Bean devices. Sadly, Google never released it as a stand-alone app so any device running Ice Cream Sandwich now essentially needs to be upgraded to Jelly Bean in order to make use of it. I say essentially because the fine folks in the Android community have now found a way to make it work on any Android 4.0 device running an AOSP ROM though there is one lingering issue with it. You can't use voice. Sure, the no voice thing is a bit of a bummer but for those who are interested in loading it up, you can do so with only a few steps required:

  • Rename the APK to GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk
  • Go to System/App and rename the original GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk to 3, something else (Or delete it)
  • Copy in the GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk the one you renamed from (Velvet-theos0o.apk)
  • Set the permissions, to the /System/App/GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk to RW-R--R--
  • Reboot and it should work

As you can tell by looking at the instructions, it's not going to be for everyone. However, if you're willing to give it a shot you can find the download over at XDA Developers to get started. Just remember, you must be on an AOSP ROM in order for it to work.

Source: XDA

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rexdeaz says:

Running on my rooted EVO 3D. There are several guys in that thread also running other Sense ROMs as well as Samsung ROMs who have this working. Not just for AOSP.

moosc says:

Fc when I try to search vzw nexi aokp b40

Works on AOKP as well. Have it running on my MyTouch 4g.

peek_12_21 says:

I have a stupid question how do you change the permissions. I've done it before but don't remember how I done it

shyamnat says:

chmod 644 GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk

schriss says:

I use file manager (ES EStrongs or Root Explorer), tap hold on the file and there usually is "Permissions" option.

EVO28312 says:

Wheres the link can't find it o xda or a.c.

squiddy20 says:

Bottom right of the article text, just above Chris's profile.

WhoAmI says:

It worked on my Epic 4G Touch with CM9 installed but it had too many issues ([as mentioned] no voice, could not use the back button to close, typed searched did not work) so I went back to the original search application. Hopefully some of those issues will be worked out soon! Or, better yet, Jelly Bean comes to the E4GT ;)