Google Doodles on Google Now

A nice little treat this morning -- Google Now is now pulling in Google Doodles following yesterday's update. Whereas those of us outside of major metro areas would see a stock image, we're now seeing the same as you would on (That any different for those of you in a big city? Let us know.) Today's Doodle is a cool Ferris Wheel deal that when viewed on the desktop turns into an animated Valentine's Day thing complete with odd couple and cartoon -- just check it out for yourself.

It's about time Android got a taste of one of the more quirky -- and excellent -- Google does on a daily basis. Huzzah!


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Google Now now incorporates Google Doodles


It looks like it may only be on 4.2. I'm not seeing it on 4.1. Looks pretty sweet though.

Almost forgot. Reported from Jacksonville.

Got doodle on N4 and N7 in NYC nice change and with SF Launcher on N4 I still have my NYC skyline.

To all those who are having trouble seeing the doodle: Try launching the actual Google Search app, rather than hitting the bar on the homescreen or holding the home button and swiping up.

Android 4.2.2, usually see the SF background here in San Francisco, now I get a grey background.

I'm seeing the doodle on my Nexus 4 running 4.2.1 but not on my Nexus 7 running 4.2.2. I'm in the Los Angeles area.

Anyone actually seen this outside the US? It doesn't really matter, but I've never been fond of the "mountain view" pic...

On my Note 2, it shows up when I launch it from the lock screen (swipe up from the G) and when I hit Google Search. It does not show up when I press and hold the Menu button. US, NW Wisconsin. Sprint carrier.

I am also seeing the doodle here in Los Angeles. Anyone else having faster battery drain after installing the update to Google Now?

Not seeing it (in Omaha). Android 4.1.1, Google Search version it it matters.

Edit: Nevermind, got it by following the advice above of opening the search app directly rather than from the search bar widget.

I’m in SF and my N4 on 4.2.1 with the google now update has the doodle, I will miss the night time SF image though for the evening. Doesn’t look like there’s anything in the settings either.

Visited in the Chrome beta browser, still no ferris wheel in Google Now.

4.2.1 GNex in Holland.

Running Android 4.1.1 on my Galaxy SIII and Google Now still has the cartoon mountains in background. All Google products are up to date, too. Living here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada area.

Haven't checked my Nexus 7 yet though.

BTW Google Now on Nexus 7 is better than on the S3 - it has more card options!

Slightly off topic.. but sometimes google now just has "g" in the search bar, and the next time it will have "Google" in the search bar. Anybody know the difference?

Stock image of the mountains in Google Now from Auckland, New Zealand. Opening in Chrome shows the ferris wheels.

Running RR based on 4.2.1 on my SII

Is Google Now Traffic card supposed to update the distance and time to your location in real time?

Seeing the normal mountains here in São Paulo, running 4.2.1 on Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.

Judging from the responses, it seems like this is a US-only thing?

By the way, I didn't realize they were doing city-specific pictures on Google Now. That's fantastic. I really hope they'll do a São Paulo pic soon.

It Was on my s3 for awhile yesterday but kept switching back & forth from old bg to Doodles till it stopped on no bg at all. Running chrome beta & once it updated yest, I'm back to mountains but nicer 1's..

Did they take this feature away? I don't see the current doodle on my Google Now. It's just a drawing of blue mountains, which I'm sick of seeing. Would like to see the current World Cup doodles pop up in my Google Now.