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New card shows you the upcoming schedule and medal tables

If you're taking an interest in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, then Google is giving you a convenient way to do it. This new card has started appearing in Google Now providing us quick access to the upcoming events schedule and current medals table. 

We're not sure how exactly this is rolling out at the moment, though. I started seeing it out of the blue, and since I'm British (and Britain generally sucks at winter sports) I'm pretty sure it isn't related to anything Olympic specific I've searched for. Anyway, it's there, and now the games are officially under way it should start showing up for a lot more folks soon. 


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Google Now keeping you on top of the Sochi Olympic Games


It said I got it because I had searched for sports. As a fellow Brit, that would have been football. And the proper football, not the overly padded yank version of rugby.

Ooohhhhh soccer, the lesser football. Gotcha

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Hey, at least it makes sense for them to call it football, you use your feet. American football is played mostly with the hands so...yeah i never understood that. I will say this, Rugby players must be insane.

Yeah i don't know where that name came from, it is seriously wrong, but we are stuck with it

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

I read somewhere that it is because the ball is a foot long. But I'm not American so I have no idea.

There were many many different forms of football back in the day. Each school played their own version. The full name of rugby is rugby football because it was the game player by rugby school. American football is derived from the same game but each version was wildly different.

Ironically though, rugby isn't that great at rugby

Why is tennis called tennis when it's played with racquets...We live in a crazy world my friend...

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Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

It's my understanding it came as part of the new Google search update to the N5 launcher. It popped up on my N7 right after the app updated. Sadly I swiped it away by accident and it hasn't came back even after searching for news about the games to see if it would pop back up but so far it hasn't.


aye -- my N5 provided that handy Sochi card after I updated Google Search. Sorry its gone mate :(

Click on the Wizard / wand thingy and then "everything else" and find the option that says "Interested in Olympic Games" and change it to "yes"

Thanks but the option for the games isn't presented to me. I looked there before and again just now but no joy for me.


I swiped mine away and it hasn't come back either, assumed it would come back when there was an update. I have "Interested in Olympic Games" set to Yes as well

Oh well

My N4 just got the search update and the Winter Olympics card appeared straight away. ;)

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I got it before I updated.

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I noticed it this morning when I powered the phone on. Nice thought. I do follow a local sports team so maybe that's why. Regardless I like it, and generally like all the information provided me by Google Now.

I noticed the Olympics card Wednesday night a little while after the search update, not sure if they're related. I do follow a couple of college b-ball teams though. I like Google Now, but man does it suck the life out of my battery. My battery seems to last almost twice as long with it turned off.