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Google has rolled out an update to the Google Now service that lets you launch your currently-installed music apps with just one tap after making a search for a musical artist. Simply make a search through Google Now for an artist of your choice, and underneath information about them you'll see a "Listen on your apps" section with links to any apps that can play music fro the artist. For us, we see YouTube, Google Play Music and TuneIn radio, and when you tap on one it opens the app to that artist's page. Pretty slick.

The feature is only available in the U.S. for now, but we could easily see it expanding to other regions once the proper hooks are put in place to know what music apps are available in the region you're currently in. You don't need a specific update to the Google Search app to make this work either, making it even easier to roll out to new regions.

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Google Now gives you one-tap access to music apps after searching for artists


Mostly at the area below her neck and above her waist. Everything else is average IMHO.

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Speak for yourself, I think quite a few guys would like to see below her waste

Too bad chrome has made Google a mandatory safe search now, and made itself a cyber nanny because parents don't want to raise their children or learn how to turn on filters. So sick of this Puritan garbage that's shoved down our throats. Even non-adult themed items have been censored by google search

Actually a pretty cool feature. I often search for music then forget the artist or title.

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I don't know why every time I try this and try to bring up Google Music, it takes me to the Artist Page on Google Play instead of taking me to the Artist page on Google Music

I just go to Google Music and do the search there, don't see how this is any faster. But yeah it is still cool.

Am I the only one who doesn't see the option to play from spotify even though I have it installed?

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