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The folks at Gizmodo Australia have got their hands on what they're saying is training material for the soon-to-be-released (we hope) Nexus tablet. They're saying the tablet will be a 7-incher built by ASUS and be debuted at Google I/O this week just as expected. The specs are also pretty close to everyone's guess:

  • 7-inch 1280×800 IPS Display
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (not confirmed to be 5.0 just yet)
  • 1.3GHz Quad-Core Tegra 3 CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB / 16GB Internal Storage
  • 1.2MP Front Camera
  • 8 Hours Battery Life
  • Wi-Fi a/b/g/n 
  • NFC

The materials suggest the tablet will go up for sale in Australia sometime in July, so we expect it in the very near future in other places on the globe. 

That leaves a few things left to wonder -- will it come in white? And what's the reason to buy it over any of the other Android tablets out there. We're half kidding about the first bit (although it would look very nice in white), but for the second there is one thing we know of to make it worthwhile -- updates direct from Google, with no carrier or OEM bullshit involved. If you want an Android tablet, that's the one to get. If you need a reason to buy an Android tablet in the first place, we're hoping to see one this week at Google I/O.

Source: Gizmodo Au; via Ausdroid


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Google Nexus tablet details leak, expected down under in July


So pretty much like every other Android tablet on the market? There is really nothing here to make it stand out. If others were customizing the crap on of the OS sure. But in many cases OEM's are putting out, mostly, vanilla Android. Honestly. Surface's hardware is more interesting as a vs. comparison. The only thing that MAY stand out is price. Weren't they talking $199? Which the only competition is the Fire, which ISN'T running stock Android. Maybe that is the intention: This isn't a shot at iPad or the upcoming Windows 8 onslaught, but the market fragmentation that the Kindle Fire is doing.

What makes it stand out is the fact that Google updates it. It's first line in front of all the tablets.

Ask users of a Nexus S, Nexus S4G and the LTE Galaxy Nexus how that has worked out for them.

Android is just a WinMo Part II when it comes to updates. The Nexus devices might suck less than all others but they still suck when it comes to delivering updates.

Yeah I have a Nexus S and I'm not sure if I'd be eager to buy a Nexus device again. I bought the Nexus S because it was supposed to have updates "right away". This was the case for gingerbread... I got 2.3.X updates immediately. But then ICS took FOREVER to come. I started getting pissed when other phones started getting updates for ICS before the precious "Nexus phone" was getting updates. Now I have ICS... but I had to do a little work-around to get it.

Because of this experience I am no longer eager to get a Nexus phone... and the same experience makes me hesitant to get a Nexus tablet. The Nexus phones seem to have "average" hardware... and if they don't get fast software updates... what's the point? This is why I'm now ordering a SGS3 to replace my Nexus S (instead of getting a Galaxy Nexus or waiting for the next Nexus)

To be fair, the Sprint and Verizon Nexus phones CAN'T get updated right away as there are specific licensing issues with CDMA technology. It isn't open source so it has to be specially signed to get distributed. If you were to get a wifi-only or GSM Nexus, it would get updated first.

I have a GSM Nexus S... on Rogers (similar to AT&T). I have a feeling the update was ready... but it wasn't pushed so they could sell more Galaxy Nexus phones. Infact... something that makes me believe this is that I saw the "restoration" files for Android 4.0.4 for my phone on Google's website! Yet the OS wasn't being pushed to me.

I would have installed that restoration file... if it didn't erase everything on my phone.

But really.. Nexus devices never have the best hardware... that's another thing I hate about them. And then if they delay software updates for the "next" OS so people will buy the new Nexus device... what's the point???

uhm.. i got my ICS update right away after the first month the galaxy nexus was out.
im talking about the nexus S GSM 20(not europe 23) model.

just as google promised.

they never said they would release it the same day when the new nexus device was released.

Yes but his device is available from Google. So none of that BS will be done here.

It is not a network or any of that non sense.

NO REASON TO BUY THIS? did you all forget that it's going to cost $200-250!!!! And its QUAD CORE! And its Vanilla! That"s REASON enough.

Contrary to the phones, it is hard to find a tablet that ISN'T vanilla Android, so the Nexus tablet isn't anything special in that department.

Current tabs, I would agree with your statement as most of the tablets out there are wifi-only. I did have a Sprint branded Samsung Galaxy 7in tab and it wasn't vanilla Android at all. It had plenty of Sprint apps on there and would try to activate every time I rebooted (until I rooted it and froze that program :p ).

Higher PPI

Kindle fire and other 1024 7" tablets are fuzzy and "pixelated" looking to me. I returned a FIRE after a couple weeks due to this very reason. Couldn't stand reading for a long periods (web or books).

I believe the bump to 1280 at 7" will make text sharp as it should be and put pretty much any of the 1024 tabs to shame.

Asus preempted anything the surface does by a couple years so i am not sure what is so interesting about the surface hardware...

There is no reason to buy this. The Android tablet market is a mess and it's because of Google's lack of control on the situation.

If the Play Store had even half the amount of tablet apps that the App Store does, the situation would be better. But as it stands right now, devs are not interested in Android on tablets.

And do not tell me "Devs shouldn't have to make tablet apps". They should. I have a Tab 10.1 and a new iPad and it's ridiculous how much better the iPad is. And no, iOS is not better than's the application support. I have my choice of amazing twitter apps on the iPad. On Android tablets, I get a blown-up Twitter app or Plume.

It doesn't end there. Android tablets just haven't been able to shake those bugs. My XOOM and my Tab 10.1 both suffered from some pretty bad software. Google releasing a 7-inch tablet with Jelly Bean means nothing. Sure, it will run smoother but it doesn't change the fact that it is (most likely) fundamentally the same as ICS on tablets.

Google is in a rough place with tablets right now and I just don't know if this is the right way to do things. They need to get control of the platform and make sure more devices are on ICS before releasing Jellybean. What a joke.

No amazing twitter app for Android tablets?
You must be an iFool in disguise.
Have yoy heard of Tweetcaster Pro?

Yes, I used that one, too. But I think you're missing the point. Even the official Twitter app is not updated. It's outrageous. The XOOM came out in February of 2011. I was lined up to buy it.

@stang68 get out of here your trolling for sure many ios apps are blown up on the tablet and another thing freaking sammy never updated the 10.1 to ics it is worlds apart..

Trolling? I wrote a thoughtful post that says a few things critical of Android. I love Android but anyone with half a brain can see Android tablets are suffering.

If I was trolling, I'd say "Android Tablets Suxxxx!!11!"

Fret not, friend. I thought you had quite a valid point, and it's one that I've agreed with since the beginning.

When I worked for VZW, I won a tablet sales contest that earned me a Xoom. I ended up trading it for an iPad 2 after a couple weeks. I really wanted to love it, but the problem was exactly as you stated, the iPad just had a better app ecosystem. I was (and still am) an Android diehard, but I can't deny that the lack of appropriate tablet apps is a big one for Android.

As do I. People class anyone these days as trolls who state anything negative about something they bum every second of every day. You're points are most definitely valid and not biased towards iOS, fragmentation on Android Tablets is shocking at the moment and I wholeheartedly agree Google rushing to bring out another version of Android for tablets isn't necessarily a good thing, put these changes into ICS instead, its still relatively new and not in need of a new overhaul again.
Regardless of that, I think tablets in general are in a weird place apps wise, my iPad has some annoying apps along with some amazing apps and I know the case is the same with android tablets as well.
I actually think the way MS is going about Surface is a step in the right direction, they are making sure developers are doing everything right and giving them all the right tools so that everything works properly with everything. I doubt we will see half as many upscaled or zoomed in apps if any in the Windows 8 ecosystem because of how much attention seems to be being put on it. I guess time will tell.

I don't know abut iOS, but Android is very confy to add tablet support, you just make new layout xml and extra activity if needed. So i kind of suppriced Android have lower numbers here. I think the problem is the size userbase, iOS is a lot bigger in tablet market then developers don't see reason to invest time and money tablet android. Besides considering Android layout system allows can easily starch layout compered to iOS resize of screen output makes them think there less need to do anything. But looking on PS3 that had same problems, this may change over time ;]

Ask Phil or Jerry about Tablet Apps.
They'll tell you that Google wants all apps too work on tablets and phones.
Google doesn't want to be like Apple where you have to buy two apps to get it right on different screen sizes.

I doubt their will be a card slot. Google has already shown that they no longer believe in removable memory. Everything is in the cloud, tethered through your smart phone.

Carrying a lot of my music and video libraries with me on a device with a size that screams "take me with you wherever you go".

That's a terrible assumption and a misunderstanding of the function of video chatting, especially on a tablet. Video chat is 3/4 of the reason that we have a tablet (Xoom), I use Google Talk and/or Skype regularly (1-2 calls per day) to keep in touch with family members. More than 50% of the time it's not about looking at me but what I'm looking at (our child, projects around the house, etc), so I am constantly changing cameras between front and back. I'm in the market for something different and of this caliber. Granted, I'm just one consumer but a lack of front and back video is a show stopper for me. It will be as well when I upgrade my phone.

Then this isn't the tablet for you. Google eliminated the rear camera to meet their desired price point. Rear cameras are rarely used on tablets, and this one is aimed squarely at Kindle Fire.

Yep, that's what I just said - not for me. I've been waiting to see the specs based upon the price point. Makes sense that corners had to be cut to get into this (Kindle) market. I find that "rear cameras are rarely used on tablets" borderline baseless. If that were true, few tablets would have them. Even the iPad which tends to be the trend-setter has a rear camera. Cameras are used all of the time, everywhere. I have so many worthless pictures that I took for a single use at that time it's unbelievable. Even for business, pictures of whiteboards or notes are incredibly useful. Again, this is how I use it and have seen other people use it, but your statement doesn't make sense when you consider all of the tablets on the market. I do agree though that there is a market for a cheaper model that focuses more on computing and software to limit the hardware needed, but to say that "rear cameras are rarely used on tablets", in my opinion is inaccurate.

iPad costs 3x as much, though.

Have you ever seen somebody holding up an iPad to take photos with it? They look ridiculous.

More expensive tablets have them because they are a small percentage increase in cost when a tablet costs $500. But manufacturers never added them because they were demanded by customers.

Personally, I like the camera on my Prime. I especially enjoy the HD video recording. I don't feel the need to purchase a camcorder because I can do most of my recording on the Prime.

Stating "cameras are used all the time, everywhere" is just your opinion. Just because you and "other people" use the rear camera doesn't mean the majority of tablet users use the rear camera. I can honestly say that I've never used the rear camera on any of my tablets.

Yes... No rear camera, I believe it was stated on another article here that I read. This Tablet if anyone can remember is ASUS M370. After they showed off there tablet and it was stated to sell at $200-$250. The Stories of Google meeting with Asus and the Nexus Tab 7 started. So IMO I would expect it to be the same as in what we were saw back a few months ago. Asus also would release their tablet wit ha skin ui, stated to cost less. ( Also read this here on AC)

Don't Think they will sell a crap load of these even though i hope so. Maybe at $200 I would get one to mess with but not before i get the Sammy Note tablet and the Note II (wifes phone) if it comes to Sprint.

Th Nexus3 I'm sure sold a lot but how many really? The GSIII is in so much demand that all us carriers pushed there release dates back. A lot of Android users and Devs would love this tab but the mass market out there is the consumer that Google needs and as long as People ( including android lovers) keep stating how the IPad is the Tablet to get even if you have a Android Phone, Android Tablets are not going to take off.

They should make either a Tablet play store app or a separate section like how they separated apps,books,music etc. They can a tablet one, then work on there soft ware to help automatically convert apps to work on tablets. Or force/encourage Developers to make their apps fit tablets.

Sorry is this was to long ... :)

I am so sorry, my internet must have been lagging and I did not see the save button click, bad ux. I did not mean to post so many, just one. My apologies....

Granted the whole Tegra binary blob driver thing is a pain in the ass this may be a good thing. Seeing that it is a Nexus device and Google will be making the update magic happen maybe they can influence nVidia to be more helpful/open? Just a thought.

Granted the whole Tegra binary blob driver thing is a pain in the ass this may be a good thing. Seeing that it is a Nexus device and Google will be making the update magic happen maybe they can influence nVidia to be more helpful/open? Just a thought.

I'm sold solely based on the price and NFC (just want to play around with it)
Believe it or not it is actually quite rare on android tablets.
Part of me hopes that this has GPS.

I wonder if it will have an sd slot? This will replace my kindle fire...well as long as it has bluetooth support. If they cut bluetooth to cut costs then I wouldn't replace my Fire with this. I doubt they would do that though.

Right now, tablets are like consoles. Ecosystem is everything. The Wii has an amazing controller, but it means nothing because there are no games to support this amazing gameplay.
Same goes for Android tablets. Great hardware but the apps just aren't there. I know because I do have an Android tablet.

However, if google can get a foot in the Market with this, they will force app makers to start making more apps for tablets, because there will be a consistent platform to work on that is updated by one company they can (presumably) trust. And in the process maybe they can force manufacturers to make better form-factors at a cheaper price.

If Google prices this at $199 it will sell like insanely well and Google will force developers hands. I think even at $229 it might do well. Anything higher and it's pushing into the territory of the anticipated 7" iPad.

If Google manages to price this at $149 or $179... the Android tablet market will explode with growth very quickly.

Man...this better not be it or im sticking to my new for phone, win8 for tablet and isomething for work.

Pricing aside, and not because I happen to have a tree full of money growing in my backyard, between the Nexus 7 and the Asus Infinity 700, which one should a first time tablet owner buy? I like the fact that the 700 has a better display and the keyboard dock but the Nexus 7 will have Google’s full support. I've never rooted a device nor will I be. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.

I am with you. Either cheaper and smaller, or more expensive and bigger. Tough.

Guess I have some time to wait and see how they both go.

I think that it depends on what you are looking for in a tablet. I know you say the nexus tab will have googles support but asus is pretty good with updates as well. It was the 1st tab to get ICS (i'm talking about the transformer Prime here). So I don't think that updates will be a big deal here. So then I would narrow it down to size and price. Does a 7 inch or a 10 inch fit you better. Also the memory size at most you can get a 64 gb wit the infinity plus a SD card. The google tab may not have a sd card slot and at most you can only get 16 gb. So yea its really all up to you and what you are looking for.

My $.02: You should go with the Nexus. Of course this is purely anecdotal, but a fair number of tablet owners seem to have high initial use, but as the novelty wears off, so does the amount of time they spend with the tablet. If you find that you love the tablet but wish it had more under the hood, a $199 device would be a good backup/hand-me-down investment before you plop down big bucks. On the other hand, if you end up as one of those who realizes that between their phone, their desktop, and their laptop, a tablet is just something they don't really end up using much, then $199 isn't too painful...

I agree with 1966cah, go with the Nexus. While $200 is nothing to sneeze at, it's a good way for you to try out a 7" tablet and see how you like it without investing too heavily. You may find you prefer the compact 7" size more than the 10" variants.

However, if you later decide to step up to a 10", you can easily sell the Nexus or even gift it to a close family member and they will think you are God.

Plus, I would hold off a bit more on a 10" since the higher-res models are just starting to appear, and may even match the iPad resolution soon.

1966cah and Miguel611 hit the nail on the head. I started with the Samsung Galaxy 7in tablet, then got an HTC Flyer (7in), then a Xoom, then an HP TouchPad. Yes, I'm addicted to buying things.

The point I'm trying to make is that the newness of the tablets has worn off for me after some time. I don't use my tablets as much as I used to when I first got them but they sure do come in handy for trips or just passing time.

I want one with LTE, if only to have the option. I know I "could" tether, but a native cellular chip would be better. I'd pay an extra 100 for that I think, at least $50

i know it's extremely unlikely, but if Amazon Instant Video was confirmed to be coming to this tablet it would be an insta-buy. i know amazon wants to sell fire tablets, but i don't think their numbers would take that big of a hit if they opened up the video streaming to other tablets.

if not, i may need sd card support to convince me.

Anyone else think it's kind of weird for NFC to be in this thing when they are trying to save money? I mean who's going to use a wifi tablet and NFC? There are quite a few little things that could have been improved that people would have been happier with than an NFC chip that for all intents and purposes will be useless on a wifi tablet.

Agreed. I couldn't figure this one either, unless they have some NFC-using Secret Squirrel app suite that they unveil this week...

I think you fully not aware what NFC can do ;] For example NFC is very confy way syncing data and send files between 2 devices, also it can read NFC tags on cards, toys and any other mobile things. NFC on tablet is also good for businesses used as base to interact with clients phones and cards, in fact MS demoed such solutions durning there WP8 annoucment:

Andyou don't need cellcular network to all of this, just wifi ;]

Question. How reliable is Asus hardware? I don't care if it's vanilla OS if the hardware is rocky road...(I know, the pun was a reach,lol).

It's pretty great. Try to get your hands on one of their Transformer series tablets to get a point of reference. The guts are fantastic and the external construction is rock solid.

The only thing I question is the reliability of the screens they use. I had to buy 3 different transformer primes due to screen defects (dead pixels, dut under screen, white blotches)

I expect the build quality, like most Google based devices to be subpar and those specs (like always) below par.

Why can't Google offer superior quality hardware and software in one package?

Google is mainly software corporations, so thats what they do better. You can see same situation on game console market, Xbox got better software PS3 got better (at least more durable) hardware

All the people saying that there is nothing to make this stand out, are all hardware obsessionists. You are all forgetting about the software Google has on this tablet. Thats what this tablet has that no other one has for the time being. I can guarantee Google made jelly bean specifically for tablets, and added groundbreaking features for a 7inch $200 tablet. if any one actually follows the nexus line, u will know that they never have the best hardware, but they do have the best software.

Android 3 Honeycomb was supposed to be the last OS that was "only" for tablets. From 4/ICS forward... it's supposed to be one OS for all mobile devices.

I agree with crester, the only tablet-specific OS Google had was Honeycomb. There hasn't been any word since then from Google saying a future OS was meant for tablets only.

Its a baby xoom ;) I'll take the real iPad android killer Microsoft surface. That will b the super tablet folks n corporations will flock to

I hope it will be made by Samsung. I just a few weeks ago bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and it is so smooth! and the back is so nice looking.

Man.. there is either a lot of new android users commenting on this or your just DONT FN GET IT...

"There is no reason to buy this"????

1. Its going to be FAR less than any other tablet with these specs ($199 is the rumor). This is FAR cheaper than anything close to the specs WITH THE BUILD QUALITY THAT THIS WILL BRING. Except for the Kindle, which is cool, i have 2 and have rooted one, but there are still bugs and such cause THIS IS NOT A GOOGLE DEVICE.
2. UPDATES DIRECT FROM GOOGLE.... All you people bitching about the nexus S and galaxy nexus are FAILING to realize (no matter what the carriers marketing team tells you) THE DELAY IS ALMOST ALWAYS 100% ON THE CARRIER END NOT GOOGLE!!!! AND... If you have a nexus device it should be rooted and there are always custom roms available right away.. so how bout you stfu and get with the program.
3. Everyone else just talking shit and trolling... If you just like to bitch thats fine... but if you really dont like the android offerings... go be an iSheep, get an iPhone and be happy with whatever apple tells you is good. you wont be whining about choices when you HAVE NONE.

While you might have some good points, I didn't actually read your post as anything with that much capitalization in it isn't worth reading. But you forgot the most important thing. Software. There isn't a ecosystem for killer android tablet apps out there. It doesn't matter how great the tablet is, how quick it gets pointless updates from google if there aren't apps worth running on it. Even the great Phil himself pointed out that android doesn't need just another tablet, and that is exactly what this is.

i really hope Google has something up their sleeve with this device. Acer just revealed not too long ago the follow up to thier Acer Iconia A100 with the Acer Iconia A110 that is quad core with i believe microsd for 200. Hopefully we will know soon