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Google announced a freakin' sweet 7-inch tablet appropriately called the Nexus 7 at I/O today, and no doubt many of you are itching to get your hands on one. You'll be happy to hear that it's available for preorder starting today, and will be shipping mid-July to the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia. The pricetag is a low, low $199. Here's a quick run-down of the specs. 

  • 7-inch 1280 x 800 display
  • Quad-processor
  • Tegra 3 12-core GPU
  • 8 GB and 16 GB models
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 1.2 MP front-facing camera
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, gyroscope
  • 9 hours video playback
  • 300 hours standby
  • 340 g
  • Chrome as standard browser
  • $199, shipping mid-July to US, Canada, Australia and UK, preorders available today
  • Includes $25 credit in Google Play store, lots of preloaded goodies

Want to get in on the action? Order here! So, who's excited? I'm excited. 


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Google Nexus 7 available for preorder now for $199, shipping mid-July


I can never commit to new tech. But I'll do what I did with the Galaxy Nexus, get just drunk enough to where money might as well be fake.

For me it's the principle, 16gb's isn't alot of memory when your dealing with video. I bought a galaxy tab 10.1 last year with 32gb's and no sd card slot, and I wish I had held out for a ASUS transformer prime. I would use more space if I had it. With the TAB, I am always deleting and adding video's to it all the time.

So no GPS or rear facing camera. But this is ten times better than any Nook or Kindle. And that's the point. This is a lightweight tablet for people who primarily need content - books, movies, music, RSS feeds, etc. If you eat content, this is a Nook and Kindle killer.

No doubt, this beats current Nook and Kindle offers on specs. But Amazon allegedly has new Kindle Fire announcement coming in a month or two. I wonder how their specs will stack up against the Nexus 7?

Key question is how does Google Play content stack up against Amazon? If specs become almost identical when new Kindle Fire launches, the deciding factor for me would be content.

At this point, I'm holding off. Besides - I just bought a GS3 a couple weeks ago. I've got to give the credit card a rest!

I put plain Gingerbread on my Kindle Fire and it works decent. Even Netflix works ok but it does have some quirks.

I'm going to get the Nexus 7. For $250 I get a tablet that was designed for all media and a $25 credit for GP. Not bad at all.

I've got an old Nook Color that I rooted and flashed a Gingerbread ROM. Quirky too and not exactly snappy for browsing.

I may end up buying one of these later, but can't afford it right now. Might end up missing out on $25 credit - but can't do it now.

I would agree, but the kindle fire has more content providers at this point as well as the best kindle app built in. I seriously doubt amazon will let this have an amazon video app which give free video for those that have amazon prime. It's interesting, but not getting it when I already have a kindle fire that does media consumption very well.

How is a Galaxy Nexus $150 more than this, granted the phone has radio & rear camera, but the smaller screen & less material costs should even things out. Galaxy Nexus should drop to $200 to really shake things up.

I always found it ridiculous looking that people are holding up huge tablets to take pictures.

It's nice to be able to switch back and fourth between front and rear cameras during video calls, though. It's something I'd never have thought would be a big deal, now I'd really miss it if I couldn't do it anymore.

everyone needs to stop complaining, it's at the kindle fire level not the transformer prime/galaxy tab level, and if you ask me it's awesome for the price

Agreed. The Kindle Fire doesn't even have bluetooth or GPS let alone a front facing camera and it has an 800x600 screen so this is quite awesome.

Fo shizzle! Let the whiny people "pass". Who is giving you a better deal? I can manage media with 16GB especially if this works well with Google Drive (which I assume it will).

whats with all the crying over no camera is that really neccessary on a tablet u look like fools taking pics with anything bigger than a phone

For me personally, it's not about taking pictures with it. It's about video chatting. There's many times where I want the person I'm chatting with to look at the same thing that I'm looking at. Without a rear camera to switch to, I'll have to turn the whole device around and not be able to see the person anymore and not be able to use the screen for multitasking. Even just a cheap 3mpx cam on the back with no flash would accomplish that and add minimal cost to the device.

Like I said above - it's nice to be able to switch back and fourth between front and rear cameras during video calls, though. It's something I'd never have thought would be a big deal, now I'd really miss it if I couldn't do it anymore.

am I the only person left in the world
who enjoys loading videos and music on
a tablet(or phone) for play back whenever
and wherever I prefer?

just got a "cheap" Samsung Galaxy 2 7.0
tablet and a Sandisk 64gb microSDXC card.
It's $249 + $49. For under $399, I have
almost all of my favorite movies, music,
PDFs, ebooks, and pictures... ready for
playback ANYWHERE i choose.

They are definitely pushing the cloud services. Hoping you decide to stream stuff (using play) rather than buying or finding it elsewhere and loading it yourself. I doubt Google is making much money on these. They are hoping the content purchases makes up for the cost. Just look at the Kindle Fire. Way less specs than this and Amazon is losing or barely making any money on each one.

they claim 300 hours of standby.

how is this even possible?

I currently have the iPad 2, Sansmung Galaxy Tab, HP Touchpad, and a Transformer....
none can come remotely to that kind of standby hours.

I cant believe no one is talking about the UI on this.....i hope this is a 7" tablet only UI. I love the notification and nav button placement on ICS tablets. this is just a larger phone UI and i am not a fan in the least.

anyone else feel the same as me? i can't be alone here can i?

on a side note, i will probably see how the reviews are on this before i would buy it. the wife is growing tired of her nook color and its overall sluggishness. i may hop on this, especially since it looks like N.C.'s are going for $150ish on my local craigslist.

I agree.

One strip of black buttons and notifications combined is enough. Put it all at the bottom. Don't put a notification strip at the top and a button strip at the bottom.


This was my first response...but maybe with Jelly Bean they're trying to further unite the phone/tablet OS. In shots from the presentation (most or all are on the tablet I believe) It seems that fragments are still present (from tablets - honeycomb/ICS) and the notification bar when in landscape pulls down to the side instead of filling the screen (as a phone would do). It almost seems like the notification bar from a tablet but on top and of course they added the widgets for Jelly Bean. It may not be so bad after all if this is what they're doing. ICS also has a mode where depending on the DPI set it will revert to the phone or tablet UI. I've seen it happen on my galaxy nexus while modifying the DPI settings, it crashed but I could tell it was the tablet interface. Maybe with the Nexus 7 it was intentional to use it as a phone UI...but my first guess seems to make more sense.

Okay help me out. I just ordered the 16GB Nexus 7. Is it worth 50 more dollars for the 16GB over the 8 GB?

chuck, i'd say yeah, considering (just a guess) 6 gigs or so will only be available out of the box for an 8gig nexus 7. It's a good move. you did good.

Totally depends on what you use it for. Streaming from the cloud or using apps from the market and 8GB is plenty. If you like to watch movies or tv shows that you download yourself and load onto your device then I would go with 16GB. 8gb would still work fine but full blown movies and high quality TV shows can blow through the GBs pretty fast.

I went with the 16GB. Small upfront investment so that I don't have to worry about storage management so much is worth it to me.

I went with the 16GB too, just cause if you manage to outgrow 8gb even with the streaming you can't expand. Plus with the free $25 Play credit I tried to use that to help justify haha

Quad core... not 12-core... right? I thought the Tegra 3 was a 4+1 where the 4 work when you need them to and the solo runs when you are doing more basic things such as browsing/listening to music, etc...

I think the GPU part of the tegra 3 must be the 12 cores they are talking about. The CPU is 4+1.

Dude, i'm totally in. This is what i've been waiting for. I don't need a rear camera. I've got a htc one x, a galaxy s2 and a sony 12mp camera for that kind of thing. A quad core? for $200? amazing. amazon can announce their new kindle fire. i can't see it having a quad core and all the features nexus 7 offers for $200. No way.

Trying hard to resist the temptation to buy now. I will wait to hear early first impression from androidcentral team.

The price of £199 for 16GB version includes VAT(£208.99 if you add shipping).

It is nice to see a company that does not think £ to $ exchange rate is 1:1

This is AWSOME but I think I'm gonna pass. I was really hoping for a Rear Camera and video editing software like ICS devices. This would have been the perfect tablet for me if both were included. I think I'm gonna stick with my original iPad for now since it basically serves the same purpose with an added front facing camera and super light weight.

However I might get this for my parents and force my sister to get one (my sister still has a flip phone and refuses to get a smartphone because her monthly bill will increase). And the nerd in me still really wants one!

Looks cheap, materials look cheap. It's cheap.

So basically this is the Play 7? It, at it's core, is just a portal for the Playstore? It can't do anything outside the Playstore? So it's a Kindle Fire by Google?

This sucks.

I was hoping for something that could handle and destroy the Kindle but still be a true tablet a la iPad 2. I guess Google looked at its card and folded.

You know Apple execs are laughing right now.

Really waiting for the review to see how the UI has changed. Would have loved a micro sd card slot as £40 jump for 8GB extra is a bit steep (just bought a 32GB class 10 Samsung micro sd for £20) but it is likely the point they make most of their margin on to make it all viable. Mostly I want to see how Asus have done with the Tegra chip, as the Transformer Prime is still having some issues. Hopefully, working with Google and the Jelly Bean update has sorted things out and that feeds back to their other tablets soon. All said though, this is a pretty major bargain and for once available in the UK. Now if only they had Google Music working in the UK for my music collection, the lack of micro sd would become less of an issue. Sorely tempted to pull the trigger though. ;)

You may as well pre-order now as that puts you in the queue for dispatch as it were, no money is taken until dispatch so you could always cancel it before shipping begins if you decide against it.

Will I be able to use the Nook app to read my nook books, the kindle app to read my kindle books and the comixology app to read my comics on this.

Essentially an all in one e-reader.

For the price, sounds great to me.

Pulled the trigger the second it was available. Wonder what types of integration I will be able to do with my Gnex?? "taps his fingers while he is thinking"

I will never buy any Nexus device without a memory card slot... That is, unless Google is willing to twist arms at AT&T and my home ISP to lift their data caps so I can really stream all my media from the could. Unless that happens, no SD or microSD = non-negotiable dealbreaker.

Anyone know how to change the order from 8GB to 16 GB version? I overlooked the lack of micro SDHC slot and thought that I could get by with an 8GB unit. Google Wallet really needs to improve - no changes after the order is entered. Waited on the phone for several minutes for CSR and gave up.

You know what really sucks its $50 more in .AU when our dollar is exactly the same as the US dollar (in fact higher)
8gig $250
16gig $300

Wait, couldn't you just use USB to mount a drive? Might make the lack of SD card less of an issue. ICS was supposed to add support for USB host mode.

This will be my first tablet. For me it's going to be used at home as an always on device that I can surf with and watch the occasional podcast/movie while laying around.

I know almost everyone leaves their laptops, pcs, netbooks, etc etc etc on all the time but I've never been one to leave things on.

My pc is connected to my tv so it has just become a media center/gaming station that I only turn on when I need it. All of my casual stuff(surfing/bill paying/watching vids) is done on my laptop, but again....I don't leave it on all the time so this is the perfect for me to just leave on and on the coffee table or by the bed for when I need it.

That being said, the 8gb version is my choice only because I don't have any desire to take it with me every where.....that's what my phone is for. :-)

If I had to have a peeve about it....I wish they would have put 4G/LTE capabilities in it. That's one of the reasons I'm not worried about the space. Since it's only Wi-fi.....I won't ever want to take it every where.

Difference between your pricing and Googles is $199 is lower than all of them and looks a lot easier on the eye lol. I think they want to capture average consumers who will say" Hey, this is a new tablet from google. How much is it? 199?? Does it play movies? Music? Books? Magazines? It does? What about gaming? Hmm sounds good. Ill take 2"

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 700 is also releasing next month. So the Google Nexus 7 is going to have a tough competition. I wish Google could've also launched a Nexus 10 tablet also.