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Official Google News app hits Google Play with first significant update in years

The built-in Google News and Weather app on stock Android devices hasn't been given much attention since back in the Android 2.3 days. That changes today, however, with a major update to the app now hitting the Google Play Store. Google News & Weather version 2.0 is now landing on the Play Store for just about all Android devices, and it's available as an app update for anyone running the old version.

The update brings a new layout, incorporating a Google Now-style card-based design, with the ability to swipe between categories and drill down to view the same story from different sources. As before, there are different editions for various countries, and the sections and editions you're subscribed to can be controlled through the Settings menu — all linked to your Google account, naturally. There's also an optional weather widget at the top of the main view, which can be configured to show weather based on your current location, or a location you set manually.

On top of that there's a couple of new home screen widgets to choose from — a 4x1 combined weather and news view, and a larger scrolling news feed with a weather forecast pinned to the top.

The rollout for the new app seems to still be in progress, so if you're seeing the app marked as "incompatible" right now, then try checking back in a few minutes. If you're already using the new Google News and Weather app, hit the comments and let us know what you think!

Thanks, Tyler!


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Google News & Weather app gets major overhaul


I don't usually say "first" and I'm not going to now... this is pretty big news though.
The app looks much better... still not feeling the widget though.

How come your play store background is black I can't seem to find the option anywhere. (UK N5)

Posted via Android Central App

I'm running on SlimKat by with a custom kernel. SlimKat has a dark theme you can enable in the settings. I really like it because it saves battery and makes reading better on the eyes, especially at night. I'm sure you can apply themes and such if you run on stock. I like to tinker with custom ROMs, however. I do want to run Android L preview but not at this moment.

Thanks for the info :) I don't know about saving battery but it certainly makes it a lot easier on the eyes at night time.

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I, on the other hand, enjoy some of this stuff on my Google Now. I like knowing the weather, as it only takes up one card on Google Now, and I find myself opening up the News articles it gives me a daily basis because theyre usually based around your recent searches or stuff you have liked. For instance, my news is always full of Game of Thrones and Android stuff haha, as well as local and national news stories that I find relevant.

I'm still wondering why they are combined into one app. They're not exactly related. I mean why don't they just release one app and have it called News/Weather/News Stand/Stocks/Calculator?

Regardless, the weather app still isn't as full featured as Yahoo's weather app. It's a bit pointless.

Why are they combining all this crap into poor interfaces like my books app to News Stand (that I haven't updated since News Stand was released), and then they are fragmenting useful apps like Drive into different apps per file type?

I just about fell down when I looked at app updates and saw this update. I played with it for 5 minutes, saw how big an update it was, and sent it off to AC (the Tyler who sent it in is me). Huge update to the app. I actually use Google news still and now I will use it, and this app even more. Instantly moved it to a home screen.

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Would try that if I had one device that was compatible. Mine are 0 for 7. This is probably just due to the slow rollout. We'll see with time.

Thanks for the link Phil. The Play Store wasn't showing it to me when I searched myself.

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Guys, it said right in the article that it is rolling out slowly. Calm down. My Dell Venue 8 got it, so it is likely that your device will get it. Give it time. The world will not end if you don't have it RIGHT THIS SECOND.

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How will we know if the world is ending if we can't get the news app on our phone? HUH? Answer that, smart guy!

I have a Sprint Note 3, Nexus 7 (2013) and Asus Transformer Pad T300T. According to Google, this app is not compatible with any of them!!!

Very nice update, I would've love have the dark theme the same way AC has it.

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Does someone has the apk for sideloading? Apparently it's not available in Google's home country, the US!

Wtf? Not available in my country? US and on a G3. Been having issues with All Access lately too. Get it together Google.

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Wow, some devices don't even ship with this. I thought it had been abandoned pretty much. I was surprised to see it on the Nexus 5.

I miss the dark theme though.


But seriously, so glad to see this updated. I always disabled it when I start fresh in Android because it looked so hideous. Can't wait to see what app gets updated for #materialyolo next

People, stop complaining. The app needed a major UI change and this is doesn't interfere with Google Now at all. The app looks more like a Google app UI...much needed update.

And it only works with Nexus devices & stock Android devices that have the News & Weather app preloaded.

Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 5 or LG G2

I can't install it on my VZW LG G2 works on my Nexus 5 (both unrooted)

Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 5 or LG G2

My nexus 7 2013 has no news or weather app pre-loaded. And when I check the Play Store its not compatible so what I find you to say is not true at all I don't think you know exactly what you talking about


I don't really like being bugged to sign in. Updated and works on my Nexus 5 running CM11 though.

Not available in UK either. Don't care though. Knowing it isn't available in the US makes me laugh. Welcome to my club

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Pretty happy about this. I had always wondered/wanted it for my tablet as I use it daily, so bout time this happened!

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It appears to mirror your personalized Google News page in Chrome....... which just happens to be my homepage! As that rare someone who still opened the app, manually refreshed, and read through the headlines a couple times per day (I hate the Google Newsstand layout), I'm freaking thrilled by this update!

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Says not available on my country. Is this not a US app?

Posted via Android Central App from Samsung Note 3 or Surface Pro 3


With that said, the not #1 Android site on the Web has the apk to download.

Android: It will make you a sexual tyrannosaurs, just like me.

I love this app. Just switched to Google newsstand. Now I might be switching back

Edit: Already got the apk through android police. Love it
Posted via...The One

This just grabbed the app and it's installed and working fine on my LG G2.

From the DeathStar using my rooted LG G2

Finally! Its much better, but still not as beautiful and appealing as those weather apps the third party devs propose on the store

Posted via Android Central App

The new format mirroring the PC version is nice, but unless a dark option is available, I'm not satisfied. I read my news at 6 a.m. before sunrise. White backgrounds are annoying.

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It's about time!! I use the news & weather widget everyday to scan the headlines. It's been very useful and works even better in conjunction with Javelin browser so I can continue to scan the news without immediately switching to the chrome browser.

Here lately though the widget has been hanging when on mobile data and starts draining battery very'll say it has taken 42% of the battery or something similar. Hope that no longer happens. I think it was hanging trying to update.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk ATT

For some odd reason when I went to the play store it said its not available in my country, I'm in the states.

Posted via Android Central App

Hmmm. Says "Not available in your country" that's funny because I'm in the US and the screenshots from the app are with the app being used in the US. Seems pretty odd to me.

Posted via Android Central App on the Moto X

Flip board has left a bad taste in my mouth ever since Samsung shoved it down our throats with this magazine ui. Not my cup of tea.

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Question to all the people who have the new version:
What's the source of the weather information (the old version had the data from and can you still see the forecast for the day displayed as a graph when you click on it?

Yes it still uses and there's still graph on the drop down weather menu.

Posted via Android Central App

I can't download this app on my Moto X. It says it's not available in my country ( USA)

Posted via Android Central App

Weird I'm in the US and on my galaxy s4 and 2013 nexus 7 says its installed yet it is not available in my country.

Posted via Android Central App

Maybe it isn't redundant after all since it isn't available to all. Maybe region specific to a place where Google now is not allowed? Reaching....

Posted via Android Central App

Sounds nice, now if they could only get the GNow widget to curate credible stories from your interests instead of SEO crap from the likes of International Business Times, KPopstarz and The Fuse Joplin.

Posted via Android Central App

I have installed this old app on every rom I used since Froyo. It has always had a sentimental place in my heart. At first it was because it was such a compact app that ran well on cheap phones and later out of habit.

Thanks for the link, Phil. It is running great and regardless of what folks say, I love this app. Just wish it could be inverted with a settings option.

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Not sure about the not in your country stuff. I am in Georgia which has been part of the USA except for a short spell about 150 years ago.

I am running a rooted S3 with a hybrid TW/AOSP Rom named Conquest Singularity. I also was running the old version of this app when I clicked Phils link. It gave me the option to update.

Maybe, the problem had worked itself out before I tried it today.

Posted via Android Central App

Does anyone have a backup of the old app? I'm looking for the latest old version since I like the layout better.

Posted via the Android Central App

The article says it comes with a 4x1 widget, but on my N4 I see a 3x1 and 2x3. I'd really prefer a 4x1 since the 3 doesn't fill across the screen and is harder to read! Anyone else seeing this with the widget?

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk ATT

I use this app all the time and was excited to see there was an update. The new design is good but the white theme is annoying and the lack of weather details(humidity/wind speed) makes the weather part of this app less useful(I don't use any other weather apps). Also, I noticed that the app shows my correct location but if I tap on the link it shows my location in a town that's about 35 miles away AND it takes me to the desktop version of instead of the mobile version like the old app. I find the mobile version of to be much easier to read and navigate. After about 15 minutes checking out the update I uninstalled and replaced with my old version I had backed up with Titanium backup. Although I am glad to finally be able to use it on my Nexus 10.

When I try to download it says it is not available in my country (USA)...any ideas? Verizon Droid Maxx, stock.

Posted via Android Central App

I've never been able to find this app on my Moto X, even though the Play Store says it's installed. Anyone else have this experience?