Android CentralAs you'll know if you tried to pick up a new Nexus 4 or Nexus 10 today, the first round of stock didn't last long, and server load issues made it particularly tricky to get through the ordering process.

In its first statement on the Nexus launch, Google acknowledged that high demand for the new phone and tablet has led to the devices becoming sold out in some territories. At the time of writing, the Nexus 4 is unavailable in the UK, European, Australian, U.S. and Canadian Google Play devices stores. Nexus 10 availability is limited to the 16GB model in many countries.

On its posting on the official 'Nexus' Google+ account, the company says it's working to bring more stock to the Play Store, but offers little in the way of specific dates or quantities, simply stating that more stock would be due "in the weeks ahead."

There’s been so much interest for the Nexus lineup that we’ve sold out of some of our initial stock in a few countries! We are working hard to add more Nexus devices to Google Play in the coming weeks to keep up with the high demand. You can learn more about Nexus devices and stay updated at

That'll come as little comfort to those who were prevented from placing orders today due to technical issues, but at least more stock will eventually be headed to Google Play.

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Google: New Nexus devices sold out in some countries, more stock in 'coming weeks'


Guess I'll be getting the LG Optimus G on Sprint instead.
32Gb of built in storage and Apex Launcher plus LTE and I should be alright.

Same phone as the Nexus, right?

Might Root just for getting better ROMs.

Nexus is Nexus, everything else is well...everything else. The Opt G is a great long as you cut out the lg skin on top of android. Be patient and get a Nexus

As of 2:45pm CST I was able to snag a 16gb Nexus 4. I was refreshing the page and the Coming Soon changed to In Stock. And I now have a Nexus 4 on order!

^ This:

As of 3:54 PM EST today I was able to snag a 8gb Nexus 4. I refreshed like maybe 10 times and was able to grab one quickly. I too have a Galaxy Nexus witht he 4.2 Stock rom already flashed.

This is the 2nd year in a row Google seemingly has f*cked up the Nexus Launch due to silly reasons.

New flash Google: This doesn't help you - it hurts you. It would have made more sense for them to calculate have a huge surplus of devices on-hand, that way if they didn't sell them all they could then sell that surplus over to T-Mobile who will also (Eventually) be offering the devices. Duh . . .

Same, some time around 5:30 PM EST I got the 16GB Nexus 4. I was pressing refresh for probably 30 minutes continuously. Every now and then the "add to cart" option would come up instead of "notify me" and it would let me add the N4 to the cart but not let me proceed after that. Finally after about 5 times, it let me to proceed to google wallet.

I wonder if due to the problems without the checkout page people were accidentally buying more than one (has already been reported on AC that this has happened) and are then cancelling the excess orders.

These could then be returning to stock and therefore showing availability at 'random' intervals?

So it might be cancelled orders rather than Google releasing more stock.

Arrrgh, the dread Phrase "Coming Weeks" which historically has meant anything from a month to half a year.

I was just able to order at N4 16GB from the Play Store around 4:40pm EST with no hiccups, and received the confirmation e-mail immediately. Just keep hitting refresh and every once in a while you're able to add the device to your cart. Hopefully it ships.

Keep trying if you haven't been lucky so far today!

Coming Weeks? That's not very encouraging, as those will probably sell out just as fast and leave those of us who cant hover over the site without one for quite a while.

Which means I'm stuck with my dying Atrix for even longer... *sigh*

I count myself as one of the lucky one's who got in and bought a 16G N4 without any significant issue. As pleased as I am, I know I would be in a foul, hacked off mood if I didn't get one.

I would LOVE to know how many were sold or in stock.

On another note, so much for the pre-release reviews that all called no LTE a major fail, or no MicroSD or no 23/64 gig internal storage....

When you have a low supply it will seem to be hit. Feel sorry for the ones that wanted 16gb but bought the 8gb instead that's stupid. I bet they had about 50000 units world wide.

"Coming Weeks" WTF Google. You guys totally KNEW that Android fans would zergling rush your Nexus 4 stockpile >.<"!

I was lucky enough to order a 16GB after it sold out. I don't think I could wait a few weeks more as I was anticipating to get one today. I feel bad for those who weren't able to get one.

I was able to place an order here in NY, 5:24 Eastern. Just keep hitting refresh guys, every few minutes it says :Add to cart:. After numerous failures all day, it went through.

Yeah, the success story seems to be: stay on that page and hit the refresh button like your life depends on it (perhaps it even does), and eventually they'll pop some more back in the system and you'll be the first to know. click add to cart as fast as you can, and checkout even faster. You'll get yours

I ordered one using the refresh method around 3:30PM EST.. Even called Google play and they confirmed the order as well and also said that it'll be shipped to NYC by Friday..

Hopefully Google can get the stock issues in order... This will be the hottest smartphone this holiday season for the real Android fanatics/geeks out there!

Still says 'Coming Soon' and has been all day. I tried calling to find out what is going on and they said it was sold out in 10-15 min. So no chance to get one here. Still no idea if and when they will get more in stock. BTW.... I'm up in the great white north aka Canada.

That was the worst online-ordering experience I *ever* had near noon when trying to buy a USA Nexus 10 32GB. It took perhaps 100 tries using different browsers, and my phone, sometimes getting through, sometimes things would stay in my cart, sometimes it proceeded to order, most of the time it would crap out with zillions of errors and other problems anywhere along the entire line. At on point on my Android phone running the stock Android browser, it asked for an address and refused to give me a keyboard to type it in.

When the order actually DID succeed, it still said it failed and contact Google, which as everyone knows it useless. Yet it showed on my credit card and *4 hours later* I got a confirmation Email.

What a cluster F***. Google might do a lot of things well, but it doesn't have a clue how to handle ordering/fulfilling physical stuff.

I don't understand how this was handled so badly. The Nexus 7 launch was a great success. Initial orders were fine and then even when they were temporarily out of stock they came back very quickly. It seems they either horribly underestimated the demand for the devices or had some major supply chain issue.

The nexus 7 launch was crap too. There was no official launch date communicated, people who bought their nexus 7 on preorder received them days after others who were able to go into a brick and mortar store like staples and buy one off the shelf. It was a ridiculous launch. I suspect that's why they didn't do preorders for the nexus 4 but obviously it didn't help. They just aren't any good at order and fulfillment processes.

Nexus 7 was a great success because it allowed pre-orders and nexus 4 no such thing. Plus the notification email wasn't sent, server side issues, limited number, no idea when more will be coming. No one at google play support could give me any answers.

chicago here,

kept refreshing since 11am, finally got an order through at 4pm for the 16gb nexus 4. hopefully its not a mistake and they cancel it on me

I was able to get one after 40 mins of refreshing but here is my question besides what already has been said.....did they even send out notification emails saying They were really to purchase? I'm still waiting on mine. Good thing I read up and missed class haha

BTW.. I got the 8 GB I'm fine with that's its all I need. Down the line I can get the 16 if I need it but I doubt it.

After 2 hours of refreshing my order went through at 2:22 PM eastern time. Looking forward to this device. I suggest people keep refreshing

Google really knows how to FAIL big time. The servers should have been able to handle the load #FAIL, they should have done pre-orders to insure stock on hand #FAIL, they should have had more stock on hand for this launch #FAIL.

Just how can Google be so inept at this, clearly Apple knows what it's doing and how hard is it to take a page from pre-orders and delivering.

Where are the retailers who are selling it in brick and mortar stores? I thought Walmart was supposed? #FAIL

I guess I will just sit on my cash and wait for Google to stop #FAIL

Google trying to create hype. Im sure they have a lot of phones in stock. Google trying to copy apple.

Really excited for the launch and waited patiently. Very disappointed on the outcome. Now I have no idea when the next stock will be available. I would expect this from Joe blow selling items on eBay with low ratings. Not a multi billion dollar company. And this company holds how much of our data? And we should trust them? Ya maybe I'm a little bitter.

Started at 12 noon est, I had nothing but problems... But kept refreshing and got myself a 16g n4.sorry for the ones who weren't as lucky...