Google Navigation finally available in Down under.  Image from

This is a nice update for our readers down in Australia.  As of today, you can use Google Maps to give you free turn by turn navigation on your Android device providing it's running Android 1.6 or higher.  Australia is the latest in a string of countries to get the popular navigation service, and all functions, including traffic conditions for select cities, seem to be online.  If you live in Australia, be sure to try out the new Google maps and let us know how it's working for you below or in our forums. Via [Sydney Morning Herald] Thanks Tristan!


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Google Navigation comes to Australia


Great news everyone!
I have been using the modded version of maps to enable navigation in Australia, however this is cool for people who didn't know about that...

oh, and if you live in a country that cant get the navigation, get the 'modded' version of maps from here...

(the site has been up and down a bit over the last few days, so if it is not working, just try again in a few hours or a day...)

Now we just need to get the Desire HD (or a phone like it) with a 900 band radio for telstra...

ps. just loaded it up, and Advantage over modded version - it shows the correct direction around a roundabout.
disadvantage over modded version, dont think it caches the map tiles to SDcard...

You mean 850 MHz radio for Telstra right ;)

Back on topic, I used it last night. Was quite good! Only disadvantage was it was too slow when changing from one freeway to another, as the ramps were quite long. It basically said, use exit ramp just after I'd decided to use the exit ramp.

But otherwise all good! I'm interested to see how it deals with you not following directions though :)