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We're bring back the World's greatest Android podcast tonight so if you missed out on anything from the past little while, you'll want to tune in. While you wait for things to get kicked off though, take a stroll through the Android Central forums and hit up some of the threads below:

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Google Movie rentals, ICS native encryption [From the Forums]


Can't rent movies if rooted, can't use wallet if rooted, Google doesn't update Nexus phones first as advertised. So we are punished for rooting, and if we stay stock we never get updated.

What are the advantages of owning an Android phone anymore?

!they don't have the same priorities as the consumer they try to make money as we want free updates all the time as they would like to make a nother phone and get more money as we want to keep our phones for atleast a full 2 year contract term not every 3 weeks when did Google start taking notes from apple??