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Google's continuing to transform its search product into a knowledge engine, as evidenced by the new Google Search app on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and its Google Now features. Today some of that functionality is starting to bleed over into the company's mobile search offering, with the launch of rich "interactive answers" to mobile search queries.

Google mobile search now supports quick answers to a variety of queries, including flight numbers, weather, finance, currency conversion, unit conversion, dictionary definitions, local time lookup, and holiday and sunrise times. All of this stuff is presented in attractive framed boxes clearly cut from the same cloth as the latest Google Search apps for Android and iOS. In some cases, the answer boxes even provide some form of interactivity -- for example, there's a weather slider you can move to view weather information for certain times of day, and the unit conversion box lets you edit fields and convert measurements of any kind.

All of this highlights the next step in the evolution of Google Search, in which it's changing from a tool you use to find pages with answers, to a web app that'll directly give you information you're looking for.  Increasingly, web search results fall into the background as an alternative to the information Google directly serves up.

To try out the new Google mobile search features, just head on over to in your favorite mobile browser.

Source: Google Inside Search blog


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Google mobile search gets a Google Now-style makeover


Even Gingerbread users can see the weather forecast slider by speaking "weather" into the voice search. Very cool!

This feature cannot be true. Absolutely, cannot be true. It can't be true because the Tech journalists and other technologists keep saying that is spending too much time with it's other products and services and not enough time with Google Search. Therefore all of this is nothing but our imagination.

Hah, just tried this. Awesome! I can say things like "What's the weather like today?" and it'll give me results.

That's perfect from Google to add all this features to google (like google now) but is google planning to add all this stuffs to the others languages?
As a french user i'm very disappointed to see all the new stuffs added only for english people, not for the rest of the world :(

R u sure because I just looked in my Google now voice settings and you can download French language files as well as some others. I'm sure they won't leave you hanging bro. :-)

'Ve got Jelly Bean on my Moto Defy and everytime i'm asking for something at google now, it's just answering with a google search of the terms... No cards at all with a non-english question...
No problem with that, but google didn't communicate on when they're going to develop that :(
And that's the same with a french galaxy nexus with an official JB... :-/