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You may soon see ads on all manner of home appliances, as Google has stated in a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission that it intends to serve ads on "refrigerators, car dashboards, thermostats, glasses, and watches, to name just a few possibilities."

Google's response was in relation to a disclosure request by the SEC regarding the number of paid clicks across the mobile platform, to which the search giant mentioned that it "is increasingly challenging to define what exactly a "mobile" platform is from period to period — and what it will be going forward."

Google also said that while the initial meaning of what can be considered a mobile platform extended to smartphones and tablets, the rise of wearables and other "smart" devices have altered that definition, and that the mobile platform will "continue to evolve" as more devices roll out.

Google is branching out into the world of wearables with Google Glass, which recently became available for anyone in the US, as well as the upcoming Android Wear platform.

While Google hasn't outlined how it intends to serve ads on connected devices, it is possible that the search giant would leverage user data from Nest's thermostat. Nest announced after its $3.2 billion acquisition that it will not share usage data with Google, although its privacy policy ambiguously states that customer information will be limited to "providing and improving Nest's products and services."

Source: Securities and Exchanges Commission


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Google may serve ads on your thermostat in the future


Im hoping and assuming that googles ad placement will be a little less ambiguous on refrigerators than it is on websites. If these ads will actually improve the way I interact with my refrigerator and or smart devices/appliances then I am not as worried. But if I come home and all I have are banners 'reading click me' I will be very pissed and upset. These devices are already going to cost a arm and a leg, having to deal with ads that are obnoxiously in your face will not make the platform very appeasing.

I think the ads that are displayed on ad-subsidized Kindles are pretty decent. I don't know if I'd say they improve the way I interact with the device, but they're familiar enough with my reading habits that I've bought some books that were advertised like that, and got very good deals on them in the process.

This. Some of the ads that are served up via both Amazon and Google have actually saved me quite a bit of money.

So the ads serve as a constant motive to buy something you didn't know you wanted yet still they "save" you money?
Its only a matter of time until Google starts serving banner ads on Android home screens. -.-

"We noticed your house is a little cold... Time to heat things up!"

Also, mmm popovers...

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"Nest has automatically turned the heat up five degrees since you will be down to your socks in a few minutes. WE KNOW WHAT YOU DO."

They'd have to install one first. But seriously, so much for the sleek look of nest that everyone seems to love.

Also, dashboard adverts seem like they could be quite dangerous, I sense much litigation.

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I use the Waze app all the time and whenever I come to a complete stop at a light or due to traffic it always pops up an add. Was pretty shocked at first, can't be safe.

Only happens when you stop, not when your moving. And a soon as you start moving, it goes away. So how's it unsafe? Just curious if you've seen something I haven't.

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Ridiculous! I can see it now as I sit on my smart toilet an advertisement for toilet paper, then realize that I'm out of toilet paper.

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Advertisement: We all know how the wife and kids can be a pain in the A$$, Preparation H can help with hemorrhoidal flare up.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Time to throw out my Nest. I knew this would happen. Never trust Google with any acquisition.

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I don't think the current Nest models will display ads on the unit. May be in the future models so don't take out your current one.

Aaaaaand no Nest for me! Stupid ads! Then they'll make you pay a premium for a no ads option.

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Or you can just NOT by the electronics. Wtf I need a smart refrigerator for? Its there to keep my food fresh, that's all. Or a smart oven? No ty call me cheap but I see no need for crap like that.

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Same here. What is the point of a 'smart' appliance, when they can't do any more of the basic functions than a basic one can? Take the Nest for instance. We have one of those $20 analog thermostats at home. Why would we pay over $200 for a thermostat that can be controlled by a phone? We only use it about twice a year to switch either cold or heat on. Now I'm sure some people find one useful, but we just don't. Now take a smart oven. What can it do that a normal oven can't? (Other than be controlled by a phone). It cooks food, just like the cheaper oven that is hundreds less. Same with a refrigerator. It keeps food cold, and makes ice; just like that expensive 'smart' one that costs hundreds more.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing those who do get those 'smart' appliances. I just don't see much value in them.

Got Nexus?

+1000. We have a basic programmable thermostat and it works just fine. Why the hell do I need a smart appliance? I am all about tech, but some of this is stretching things to stay the least.

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If companies start encoding use-by dates as QR codes on products, your fridge could let you know you probably shouldn't risk that bacon. Or send a notification to your phone saying "hey, while you're at the supermarket can you get some milk? The stuff inside me has been here a week, and it's getting a bit iffy."

clutching at straws though.

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Set temperature to 75F....but first a few words from our sponsors....

On a more serious note, Wtf google? If I pay for a device, and for the service to have it connected to the web, I don't want my GB used on ads. What's next, ads popping up on my phone and listening to a 30 seconds clip before making a call or watching an ad before sending an email? And all the while, paying for the service with wireless carrier? Hell no!

The panda has spoken

The outrage is funny. Who really cares if ads appear on your thermostat? I have a "smart" thermostat already, and I can count on one hand the number of times I actually LOOK at the thermostat in a year. A YEAR. Will ads on something you rarely ever look at matter?

It sounds like you wasted your money.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Could Google scan my fridge and send me promotions on the stuff I buy?
or promotions on gym memberships after it is figures out that i'm fat.

I get hosted ads for Christian Mingle all the time. I have absolutely no idea what in my browsing history leads Google to think I'd be very interested in a religious dating site.

Maybe a dating site for religious hookers who workout at Planet Fitness and attend alcoholics anonymous meetings???

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No, I don't have one, my Honeywell does fine. Could there be ads in the app or notifications? For instance, if it detects a malfunction, could it recommend a repair service?

All the more reason to stay away from all these "smart & connected" products. I think we need to ask do we REALLY need them? I'll crawl back into my cave now.....

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Maybe the car dash ads could detect an accident and play an ad for a lawyer. Google re-inventing ambulance chasing!

Did anyone read the article? It says, " For example, a few years from now, we and other companies could be serving ads and other content on refrigerators, car dashboards, thermostats, glasses, and watches, to name just a few possibilities." Notice it says they "could be" not that they "intend to." I doubt many who would buy a Nest would tolerate ads on that display. One of the selling points is the aesthetics.

The fact that they mentioned it, that bothers me.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

They'll just be like "we only show ads when you're already stopped and we can prove it...we have your GPS log and our Street view car was right beside you."

An advertising company buys a thermostat company and now we find that the advertising company wants to put ads on the thermostats.

What a completely shockingly and totally unforeseen turn of events.

Seriously though....encouraging to see that even all of the pro-Google people here think this idea sucks something fierce.

Make sure it's ads that I actually see.

None of the ton of ad-nonsense that I see everyday on YouTube, if not for AdBlock...

Also, ads in car dashboards is a big no-no. It may lead to an increased risk of an accident.

My company just replaced all of it's (14) thermostats with Nests. If this goes through they will surely go in the e-waste shredder.

If I paid a premium price for an internet connected appliance and it served me ads...I'd be so pissed it would immediately get listed on eBay.

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There will come a day where we will wish our every detail wasn't accessible by anyone other than our closest friends or family. In fact, I bet there will be an program that will know you better than anyone else in your life. And we will thank Google for getting that ball rolling.

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Then you'll have to pay an, "In Thermostat Purchase." You'll have the Freemuim Model, but if you want to turn the heat up past 65 degrees in the winter you'll have to make an In Thermostat Purchase..

Soon we'll have so much in integration with stores, phones, and appliances that when we get our groceries every device will know. When you get home your refrigerator, microwave, or oven will be posting up recipe suggestions for you to cook all that stuff you just bought. Kind of scary because then the NSA will know what you had for dinner and send the food police to your home to check the fat and sodium content!

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Next they'll add cameras/motion sensors and facial detection in these things. I'll be very careful about what I purchase from Google in the future for sure. This I pledge.