Google Maps version 3.3

Not content with rolling out Android 2.0.1 for the Verizon Droid and springing Goggles on us, Google today also has released Google Maps 3.3.

The new version makes it easier to find nearby businesses. In addition, Google has brought its Labs section to Google Maps for Android. In it you'll find options to:

  • Add a scale bar on the map.
  • Show a terrain layer.
  • Search for popular categories.
  • Turn the "My Location" dot into a compass arrow.
  • Add satellite, traffic, latitude and transit layers.

The new version is available in the Android Market for phones running Android 1.6 and up. [Google Lat-Long]


Reader comments

Google Maps updated to v3.3 for Donut and above


If I have the Motorola Droid, which has Google Navigation, should I update Google Maps....I guess I am just not sure if it is the same thing or different. Thanks.

I've tried to install it yesterday, but with no luck. The same issue was with 3.2.x Maps version, Google told the problem is only with ADP phones and they are working on it.

But I thing they just don't want users with CMmod to use it.