Google maps out the nine US cities they're considering for the next Google Fiber deployments

Google Fiber is the sort of thing that nerds lust over — who wouldn't want access to gigabit speeds? — and today they've laid out the nine cities they're considering for the next expansion of the network. So far Google has rolled out Google Fiber in Kansas City (both the Kansas City in Missouri and the one in Kansas) and Provo, Utah, as well as committed to launching in Austin, Texas.

But who is next? There are nine cities Google is considering across the nation:

  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • San Jose, California
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
  • Portland, Oregon
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Salt Lake City, Utah

San Jose makes sense, being in Google's back yard, and Salt Lake City and San Antonio are right nearby existing Google Fiber deployments (Provo and Austin, respectively), so there's already local support infrastructure in place. Of course, part of Google's plan in announcing this is to keep potential customers in the loop, but more importantly they want to galvanize said potential customers into pushing their municipalities to offer the kind of support to Google Fiber has enjoyed in Provo, Kansas City, and Austin. That's sure to ruffle some feathers in the cable industry, but given the current state of the competition, we'll take whatever feather ruffling we can get.

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Google maps out the nine US cities they're considering for the next Google Fiber deployments


Yes, I really hope they choose Atlanta and it includes the surrounding areas. I'm out in Conyers, even if they don't go this far in the beginning, hopefully they will spread out the service.

Some large cities in this latest list...will be interesting to see how well they can deal with those numbers.

This is a good move by Google. With the Acquisition of TWC by Comcast and NBC Universal (pending FCC approval), Google has less competition to worry about. We all know what Google is capable of and they have the resources to do it. It is just a matter of time before it becomes a race between Satalite, Cable, and Google Fiber.

No Florida? Come on, Google. Orlando needs you! Hunting on OkCupid and POF would be so much more efficient at 1Gbps! Help a brotha out.

(Seriously, I love this town)

Truth Florida is the fastest growing state economically after Texas so please bring us fiber

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Alas, I live in the hometown of the largest cable provider in the country. I doubt I'll be seeing Google Fiber anytime soon.

I hope some of you guys are luckier!

Lol Another reason to move to the ATL! :) This backwoods good ol' boy state of AL will never get Google fiber! Stuck on crappy DSL yet. :( At least have Verizon LTE!

Huntsville made a push to get on the intial deployment list...but apparently it was just a light tap. Too bad!

LOL, ol' Billy Bob's uncle must not have known the correct hand to grease. /Good ol' boy system at work

Hey on the bright side, the cost of living around here isn't bad. :)

why not just go country wide, I need this here in LA. I'm about to get rid of cable and just need an internet service provider...I hate what we have here..

It costs LOTS and LOTS of money to go countrywide. Google isn't ready for that yet. Especially when providing Fiber to the major infrastructure cities like LA, NYC, Chicago, etc.

I would think they would branch out from cities that have it established and move it along highways to other cities from there. Would love to see them go from KC to St.Louis down highway 70. In between KC and St.Louis there are about 15 Universities and 2 bases that could benefit too along the highway to St.Louis.

This!...... And maybe they throw in Wilsonville, 'cause they have to much fiber laying around? Lol.

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Philadelphia would appreciate Google Fiber. Comcast has everybody by the balls in this city. I hate Comcast.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

Raleigh (and its suburbs) need Google Fiber. Considering the number of research institutions around here, we could use that kind of infrastructure.

Can't get here to Austin quick enough. Have Time Warner now and can't stand them. Even more when/if they are acquired by Comcast. HURRY GOOGLE FIBER!!!!

Come to saint Louis so close to Kansas city people would it up fios here

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Oh crap. I live in phoenix. I actually got the shakes a little just reading this. Please let this happen >.<

I hear you... I opened the article thinking, "Haha! It would be cool if it would come to Phoenix. Wait... What?!?!"

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Nice! I'll be moving to Atlanta in three weeks from DC!

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Century Link just finished digging up my front yard so they could drag some crap that probably won't work through it. But they forgot to pack up their shovel when they were done. So, if Google comes through greater Phoenix (Tempe specifically) I'm ready to dig the yeard up my self, if that helps get them here. I'll dig even if it's 120F+ (No polar vortex in my neighborhood.)

Please pick Raleigh Durham so I can finally move out of Greensboro!

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Stupid Atlanta. I moved to Florida recently. Wai no Florida Google?

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I really hope soon they extend that to Santa Cruz soon after San Jose!

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Hopefully Google come to Fl soon, Bright house is owned by Comcast or the other way around. Don't care, their prices are ridiculous for the speeds. Please pick Tampa and Orlando!

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YAY!! CARY, NC. For a moment, I thought they were going to end at the raliegh borderline. Goodbye TWC/Comacast, or whatever you call yourself

Go Nashville! Tech and start-up, up and comer and The New York Times new... the new hip place to be, "It city" with Google Fiber = tech boomtown.

Agreed! Plus with barely any competition besides anemic offerings by Comcast and AT&T, Google fiber would be the optimal choice

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I really wish Google would choose a city that could use a technology shot in the arm like the city I live Vallejo, Ca. This would greatly help the local economy and give us the ability to give us the opportunity to break the strangle hold of the Comcast monster.

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Especially in Boston, where we have Comcast and Verizon Fios, and if you ask anyone about either, most of us agree that both services suck!!!


Because Boston is bigger all those other cities? Use common sense before envy. I live in Boston too and I can see why Boston is not on that list. And FIOS works just fine for me.

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Google! I will give you the Dallas Cowboys for free if you bring G-Fiber to Dallas-FT. Worth!! please bring it.....

Moved from KC to Portland last fall. First, T-Mo LTE. Second, Google Fiber. Third, World Peace. You're welcome.

Man how I wish they'd roll out in my area. I'd ditch Crapcast so fast it'd make their heads spin! Please google please make crapcast disappear!

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I hated that my town got left off the list of 34. Hoping they keep rolling out. My only real concern with it, is that unless it is making them money I'm afraid they will get bored with it.

They should come to Colorado Springs and say it's because they want to support the Olympians that train here!