It looks like the lovely folks over at xda-developers have already figured out how to port Googles Maps Navigation onto the forever-in-our-hearts T-Mobile G1. The explanation and specific hack is much too smart for us to process but it sounds like its running fine and working well. So even if Android 2.0 is ignoring all the other Android devices other than the DROID, know that the xda-developers still loves you. Will we eventually see a Custom ROM with Google Maps Navigation included? We thinks yes.

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Google Maps Navigation Ported to T-Mobile G1


Yeah, but it most likely will not pop up in a cyanogenmod rom because of his c and d with google. The most likely event is someone will include it in a theme and you can flash it on top of the rom. All it is is an edited build.prop file. Good job XDA!

I just got this installed and running...I must say I am very impressed. I was joking around with some friends telling them I cant wait to get lost. It took some trial and error to figure out what to do but I am happy I did it! Plus - the new Google Maps icon is awesome!


Only way is to root it. I suggest CyanogenMod. Here's are his instructions:
NOTE: Make sure your SD card is at least a Class 4 or higher. Very important. To check the class, look for a number inside a "C" on your card. Anything less than Class 4 will result in problems later.

After you're rooted, follow these to get Navigation running. The instructions posted on AndroidCentral require a few extra things that I don't believe you have based on your wording :-)

And don't forget to get some themes for your new rooted G1. Just search "Cyanogen themes" and see what you come up with. They're FAAAAR beyond any theme you can get in the Market ;-)

hi i have done the xda maps navigation to g1 procedure part1 bat etc with success but when i start maps navigate is not there can any1 help me please, thank u in advance, chris

Okay so I love the google maps turn by turn nav app. All my verizon friends have it :-( I always love to show them how my G1 is So can someone please help me with all the rom updates and themes and diff things to make my phone better. I really want to start by getting the google map turn by turn so someone please be nice and e mail me what to do. Pls help me!!!

I just installed the recent update to google maps on my G1 and the turn by turn voice nav seems to work great! No mod to the phone, just ran the google maps update!