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As Brazil prepares to host the FIFA World Cup, Google is doing its bit to helps fans virtually explore the country's streets and stadiums. First up, Google Maps Street View tours of the country's 12 World Cup stadiums are now available online, allowing fans to explore the venues that'll host the tournament. And Google's also giving fans the chance to virtually walk down Brazil's painted streets — a Brazilian tradition that ties in with the World Cup every four years.

And for those making the trip to Brazil to experience the action first-hand, Google Maps public transit data is available in all 12 host cities, along with indoor maps of 100 Brazilian venues, including airports, malls and stadiums. Turn-to-turn navigation is also supported in the country, along with live incident reporting through Google's Waze service.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off next Thursday, June 12, as the host nation takes on Croatia at the Arena de Sao Paulo.

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Google Maps lets fans tour World Cup stadiums


Yeah great stuff. It's nice to see where all the money that should have went to education and getting your country out of poverty went. I wonder if stadiums are good at paying teachers what they deserve and improving quality of life for its country's citizens.

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Oh my apologies, I could've sworn this was not necessarily the appropriate forum for having a profound discussion about the social and economic ills of Brazil, lighten up already the whole world has problems. We could spend all day here talking about injustice in the world.

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