Google Maps offline rerouting

Google's smack in the middle of its "Inside Search" event in California, but we're already getting hints at what we're getting for Android. The Google Maps Navigation for Mobile website already has listed "Offline reliability." And with that we see: "Get continuous guidance and automatic rerouting, even if you lose your network connection after you’ve begun a route."

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 Source: Google Maps Navigation; Watch: Google Inside Search


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Google Maps getting offline rerouting 'reliability'


Google maps/navigation is one of the main reasons I can't see myself leaving Android anytime soon. It's sooooooooo amazing already but this is just ridiculous this is my first time posting first and I'm glad its for something I love and use daily Maps FTW!

Excellent. Being able to navigate in unfamiliar areas with poor cellular coverage could be very useful indeed.

It could also mean a decommissioned phone could have a second life as a GPS nav unit for the car?

I don't think you would be able to use an old phone that doesn't have service to begin with.

I may be wrong, but I read this to mean that you need a network connection to initiate the Driving Directions:

"Get continuous guidance and automatic rerouting, even if you lose your network connection after you’ve begun a route."

Are they going to be introducing any battery-reliability features for google nav any time soon? I have a Fascinate, and Nav is one app that absolutely MURDERS my battery. I often have to turn the brightness up during the day since it's sunny in my car (duh) so I know that's part of it. But even locking the screen off, having Nav running just to give voice guidance totally toasts my battery. Even if I have it plugged in, the charger gets hot, the phone gets SUPER hot, and it can barely hold it's charge state (let alone recharge) whenever Nav is running. Surely, there is a better way? It's not nearly as bad with just having Google Maps open, and that has a similar workload (I would think). What gives?

So then, in theory, you can start a navigation and 2 minutes into the route you can turn off the data connection to preserve battery & data package? Cool!

What phil is referencing from the website is most certainly not new. As Spleebie posted above, offline rerouting is a feature enabled late last year, I've seen if first hand in the middle of nowhere plenty of times.

Now if you could pre-cache huge chunks of map (like a whole state) beforehand, now that would be new and exciting! I think other websites have mentioned rumors of that sort recently.

still cant beat garmin. Google leads you to wrong area 75% of time turns your phone into a hot plate you can fry a eggs on it and frys the battery and charger can't keep up.

Huh ? I have never been led to a wrong area using Google Maps.... Now, my old gps device, that wanted $100 per year for new maps, that one didn't have enough updated info for me and I could not find certain areas....

Google Maps is already one of the most popular mobile navigation apps today. It comes bundled with almost all Android phones and iOS as well.

Getting true offline navigation will make it even better, and may even put dedicated navigation companies such as Garmin and Tom Tom into serious trouble.