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We've all used software that would be oh-so-perfect if that one nasty bug got squashed, and Lance Gilmore, Product Operations Manager at T-Mobile, is no exception.  Apparently, I'm not the only person with a shiny new G2 that has been having problems with Google Listen asking for a Gmail account after I've already entered it, nor are the other folks reporting the bug over at the Google Listen discussion list.  But lo and behold, Lance gets results.  In other words -- Lance Does.  Google Listen received an update to fix this particular bug mere hours after someone with a better title than "Hillbilly Blogger" chimed in on the issue.  So if you were seeing this problem, update and give it a try.

Authors note: This one's satire folks.  I'm pretty sure the good people at Google Labs were working on the issue long before Mr. Gilmore arrived on the scene.  I'm also sure big G and Mr. Gilmore will be good sports about it.  And if not, you'll see my post about my self destructing G2 in the very near future!  [Google listen-discuss]

And p.s.: If Google would like to go ahead and update its podcast index to add the World's Greatest Android Podcast Ever, that would be nice, too.


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Google Listen gets an update (or how to file a bug report)


Hmm...I wonder if this fixed any other bugs, like the fact that it will sometimes start my podcast over from the beginning, but the progress bar will stay in the same place (like 20 minutes in, for example) and make it impossible to resume where I was when it bugged out?

To give you an idea of how long it's taken Google to fix this, it's been an issue for some people since the early Froyo leaks on Nexus One. A lot of people moved on to other alternatives because there was no response on the Listen forums.