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Google Now's reminder feature is nifty if you're looking to create quick alerts for events, and with the latest update, Google is making it easier to create new reminders. You can now create reminders directly from Google Search by entering a query along the lines of "remind me to collect contact lens at 11 am" in the search box.

It doesn't matter what browser you use to create the reminder, with the only criteria being that you have to be signed in to your Google account for the reminder to be synced to Google Now on your device. Reminders can either be time-based, which will give you a notification at a stipulated time, or location-based, which are triggered when you enter the desired location.

The feature is rolling out across territories, so if you're not able to create reminders just yet, we suggest you try in a while.

Do you guys use Google Now for setting reminders? What do you guys think of the new addition?


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Google lets you easily create reminders via the search box


I use Google Now for reminders often, so this will be a nice addition, and convenience.

Remind me to use it.

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I wish there was a simpler way to do it than opening Google Now scrolling to the bottom. Voice works great but sometimes one needs to type out the reminder.

P. S. I just realized you can create a reminder from the Google Search bar on the home screen. Silly me.

Dayum. That's nice. Thanks, Harish! I've used the reminders a lot in the past on my phone, but never thought that they'd have it available from Chrome desktop! Just set it up and it's instantly waiting on my phone. Thanks!

Ha nice! I read the article but thought it was just from any browser on your phone. Just set a reminder from my Chrome browser at work. Well done Google.

I use reminder feature in Google Now almost daily. It has saved me as my brain typically fails me

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I use reminders in Google Now all the time. It has made me way less forgetful when doing things like putting the cloths in the dryer, or needing to call someone in the afternoon. I love them using voice, typing, and now in the browser. Thx goog

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Google now has become an essential part of my life!

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Still find Google now uses way too much battery to be worth leaving on. For me the usefulness doesn't outweigh the cost.

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You can also search "My Reminders"

Also, if you type the time or place first it will fill in the dropdown boxes.

I am reminded of this feature every time AC posts something new about it... and I test it each time but can never figure out if I'm doing something wrong... It sets the reminder which is visible in the Google Now screen, bit it doesn't actually REMIND me to do anything... No notification, popup, or sound. About 30 minutes ago I successfully set a reminder to "remind me to pay cafe bill in 2 minutes"... I promptly forgot about it until I again noticed this browser window open on the background. So I flip over to GN and sure enough there's my reminder sitting at the top of this list, a half hour old.

What am I doing wrong?

Sorry, late thank you for your re. All my notifications were checked On... I kept playing/testing with it and finally managed to get 5 of 6 reminders to give notifications... Will call that a success :)