Google apparently is set to open a new office on the Gulf Coast, according to the Mobile Press-Register newspaper. We're not talking a sprawling, Mountain View-type campus, Dan Murtaugh writes on the paper's website, but, rather, a storefront office that will be part of an iniative to get more businesses to create mobile versions of their websites. The name of the iniative, which will kick off with an event Nov. 14 (the event organizer apparently tipped off the whole endeavor) -- is Mobilizing Mobile. Walk in and have a mobile-optimized website running in just 30 minutes. Huzzah.

Source:; via Chris Stewart

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bama4life916 says:

Sounds good my home state.....
I'm in Cali now...

Fms4Life says:

What a great idea. Very innovative!

El Cantante says:

To me it look like Leprechaun to me, all you gotta do is look up in dat tree. Who else see a leprechaun say yeah?!?

wbonnefond says:

I think its a crackhead who got hold of the wrong stuff and told him to go play leprechaun in a tree.

jzuzphreek says:

Naw, that was Prichard. But maybe the Leprechaun should look into developing a mobile site.

Ruben181 says:

Actually it was Crichton

Sered says:

Yup, an old school-friend of mine was working for the newscrew on the scene and was holding the camera lol

Ruben181 says:

I was there when it happened! I only drink mountain do now...

SoreAintya says:

@Fms4Life-careful using that word, Apple has a patent on it and might sue.
From now on we must use "awesomeination" instead of iNnovative.

nerdtaco says:

Fuck mobile web. Not because it sucks, but because very few sites do it right. I don't want to click a link to an article or other content, then get redirected to a mobile homepage with no hope of viewing the cntent I wanted. With some sites, like facebook, its mobile site is nerfed to shit and the full site is unattainable unless you mod your user agent. Other sites go a step beyond and forward to mobile even with modded user agents. Fuck mobile sites.

imbacon says:

Wow. But how do you REALLY feel? Maybe Google had noticed this too and is doing this to help solve that problem and show how things should be done to be effective and simple. I agree that a lot of companies get it wrong but I seem to remember that being the case when businesses first started putting themselves on the web, and thats working now....mostly.

Synycalwon says:

I agree especially considering all these new powerful smartphones are like mini-computers capable of displaying a normal full desktop website, not to mention the faster network speeds (ex. LTE). Given the choice, I'd prefer the full site version 99% percent of the time. This initiative feels like going backwards. You'd think we would need less mobile friendly sites these days, not more.

Where do I submit my resume. I'm at cathedral square right now

frmorrison says:

Note the words are pronounced differently, Mo-bull for the portable and Mo-bill for the town.
It is good Google is expanding.

xemtra says:

i hope they realize that the town is actually pronounced like "mo-beel" not mobile. surely some1 called ahead and checked on that. hehe

WiseCraig says:

Just for the record:

mobile computing: Moe-BULL.

Mobile, Al: Moe-Beal/Moe-Beel

descendency says:

I was just about to post that.

bnrbranding says:

Dear Google,

Please don't get more people to build mobile sites. We have phones that display the full site just fine. Instead, how about teach people about usability so the full site works properly on a smartphone.