Google CEO Eric Schmidt

We were perched in the balcony this afternoon for Google CEO Eric Schmidt's keynote address at Mobile World Congress. For those of you following us on Twitter (good boys and girls), you already know what went down. For those who don't, hit us up after the break.

For the most part it was a lot of industry talk -- and it was a lot of good industry talk. Sure, everybody's focused on the number bomb Schmidt dropped on us -- 60,000 Android devices shipping every day. And that's a good thing to note. But that also points to how large the industry is growing as much as anything. Considering that Android's showing up in everything from MIDs to netbooks to phones to microwave ovens, what did you expect the numbers to do?

Another cool point Schmidt made was in explaining Google's "Mobile First" mentality. That should be pretty self-explanatory, and, again, it's a testament to the growth -- and predicted future growth -- of the industry that Google really is putting mobile first. (And when you hear that, think mobile ads. Google still makes most of its money in ad revenue, a point Schmidt reiterated in the Q&A.)

Getting away from the shop talk, we saw some cool new features on Android. Voice search was demoed -- in German -- and there even was optical character translation via Google Goggles. Scan and translate. Very cool. No mention of real-time voice translation.

Then Erick Tseng -- the man responsible for Android these days -- showed what so many of you are waiting for: Honest-to-goodness Flash 10.1, running on the Nexus One. Interestingly, he demoed it on the same Alien Attack game that Adobe showed off several months ago. That can't be a coincidence.

The Q&A got a little heated: Folks, Schmidt didn't become a CEO by not being prepared to answer whatever was thrown his way. Remember that.

Anyhoo, it was a good talk. Glad we were there. And, no, he didn't say when your Android phone is getting the 2.1 update.


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Google keynote: Industry news, Flash on Android, and skillful answers


Wow, what a stupid headline.

60,000 Android phones a day is incredible and is the real news. That is some 21 million Android phones a year at that rate. And Android marketshare has been doubling quarter after quarter now for the past year.

There are going to be a whole bunch of despondent Apple iPhone fanboys over this amazing news for Google.

Can't wait to see what happens when more people get access to the incredible Nexus One on more carriers. Best phone I've ever owned by a huge margin. Makes my old iPhone look and feel like a cheap piece of junk.

That 60,000 a day will start going the other way if they don't go ahead and release flash and 2.1. Most of the websites today utilize flash in one form or another, so what good is an android phone if you can't browse the websites. You might as well go back to an Apple phone.... at least it will run flash in one form or the other.

Seems the geeks like Android phones, and most consumers prefer the iPhone. Apple is an incredibly creative company that has a history of getting it right the first time. Like the iPhone, the iPad will be a hit out of the door. Another game changer.

While Android and the others are playing catchup, Apple is busy creating the next big thing. Android's openness will eventually create the same security issues that plague Windows. For most consumers, they don't need the headache. They want a phone that works and provide a superior user experience. Android is a work in progress and a world of hurt in the future.

I gotta say that flash as a whole is definately not stable and alot of websites problems come from poorly written flash scripts so I believe alot of mobile companies (apple, MS, etc) are starting to use the next best alternative, that is the html5.. Let's just see how this one plays out.

No kidding, what was heated, at least throw out some questions that were asked or a video of the conversation. Is it me or does schmidt look about as corporate as they come, damn, pull the stick out and relax a little. Android and N1 look good, but i have to say, still not there yet, they need to make a few tweaks before I'll consider it.

All the Q/A they talked about is on twitter. Just finished reading it, nothing too heated from what they posted.

Yeah, you kinda had to be there. And you guys don't even wanna know how much it costs to tweet these things out over here. And had it not been 3 in the morning, we might have tried to rehash a little better. Will post video if we can find some. :-/ will eventually start losing sales once android gets really rolling, and I can't wait cause all the the little fanboys are already pissed that someone is taking on the iphone that actually has the tech to dethrone it. I'm just glad that flash is coming to android first. Looks like adobe knows what products to invest in for the future. And is the ipad gonna be a phone too? I mean its just a huge iphone/ipod touch isn't it?

actually flash is coming to webos first it was confirmed sometime in february android isn't getting it until early q2 2010

Exhibit A in the "bloggers aren't journos" argument.

Flash on Android in the headline...followed by no new news.

"Q&A got a little heated" with zero evidence of such or followup explaining why you interpreted it as such.

It was a good talk, glad we were there...and this news blurb will not in any way convey what we thought was cool and newsworthy.

Weak effort.