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Tablet users can now quickly type numbers in the same way as the phone

One of the biggest reasons Google has taken apps like its keyboard and moved them into the Play Store is for updates independent of the OS, and we're getting one of those today to add a feature for tablet users. The main user-facing change in this update is the addition of a long-press action for numbers in the top row of the keyboard on tablets, something that was available on the phones but oddly missing on larger-screen devices.

Additionally, the update is improving keyboard layouts for some languages, fixes various bugs and makes stability improvements across both phones and tablets. You can grab a download of the latest version of Google Keyboard from the Play Store link above, no matter what device you're on.

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planoman says:

I like and use this keyboard. This is a welcome feature.

briankurtz79 says:

I used this keyboard on my nexus 10 for a while but have since switched to swift key tablet for the split keys. When I was using it though there is a setting to add the number key row on top of the QWERTY. This is the most convenient IMO.

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XavierMatt says:

Yep. SwiftKey is just the best keyboard. Google keyboard needs a lot of work.

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Finally long-press for numbers on tablets! About time

tliebeck says:

Would love nothing more than to find a derivative of this keyboard where the long-press duration could be configured (down to a very short time). Any suggestions?

Half-tempted to roll my own. All I've ever wanted in a virtual keyboard was the stock one with configurable long press, and a sub-layout of terminal-oriented (Esc/Ctrl/etc) keys and arrow keys. I don't exactly need another Android project at the moment though.

Go to the Google Keyboard settings > Advance Settings > key long press delay

This was the first thing I changed when I started using this keyboard on my nexus devices.


Jeff72 says:

Google Keyboard Settings - Advanced settings - Key long press delay

joshua.worth says:

Guess the 2013 Nexus 7 isn't a tablet....

Jeff72 says:

No numbers on my top row on my Nexus 7 (2013) yet either.

axllebeer says:

Same her on my Note 10.1. Going back to SwiftKey. Haven't found a better keyboard still for me.

I thought i was doing something wrong on my Nexus 7 too. Guess I'll stick with SwiftKey.

chronophilos says:

I guess the update is being rolled out in stages? I can't manually update on my nexus.

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Slashdpc says:


jhilker says:

I couldn't find this for my Nexus 7, either.

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FortTech101 says:

I don't think the keyboard is responsive enough, & I think they should at a row of number keys like they did with the Galaxy S4's keyboard.

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planoman says:

I thought so too, but for some reason I could type so much faster and accurately on my S4 Google edition than my touchwiz S4 so I started using this keyboard on all my devices.

imanexus says:

How about a long press (+) on the G key?

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anon6016904 says:

Why isn't this available everywhere!? I hate having to sideload it :/

LGiusti84 says:

Same here.
I really can't find a reason for that.
And I hate it too.

ba_hamilton says:

Why, o why, is the underscore symbol so hard to get to?

Amir47 says:

CM keyboard is better

zackmack7 says:

They need to add better emoji support

Linh321 says:

I like SwiftKey keyboard better

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hmmm says:

Although I agree it is about time, a dedicated number row would have been appreciated. I wonder why a huge company like Google can't offer such a simple, obvious option? Or, do they have some almighty reason people shouldn't use a dedicated number row?

rudyy50 says:

Yeah, yeah, a keyboard that censors certain words.

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kgh00007 says:

Doesn't work on the OG nexus 7, which is lame, is it not a tablet?

mth785 says:

The Google keyboard is nice but I still prefer the SwiftKey keyboard because because of the long press for special characters.

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fireillusion says:

So after the update for nexus 7 still no numbers on the top row of the keyboard?
Others having this problem or there is a seeing somewhere that needs to be enabled?

artlu629 says:

I dislike the long press. I rather push number lock with left thumb and number of choice with right thumb.

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bergeronjc says:

People use Google keyboard?

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chronophilos says:

People not only use it, some prefer it to all the alternatives.

Via the awesome AC app.

jomcty says:

I found the stock keyboard's swipe support to be better than SwiftKey's until the last SwiftKey update. Now, the swipe prediction in SK appears to have improved vastly for my use and I have since switched back to SK.

I wish Nuance would decouple the dragon dictate from Swype, that would then be my go-go keyboard.

chronophilos says:

The issue I have with SwiftKey Flow is that once you swipe a word, the keyboard is showing predictions for the next word. If the keyboard got the swiped word wrong (which it does a lot, especially if you have set more than one language) you have to press backspace to get more options. Even if it is still faster than the Google keyboard, it is a lot less enjoyable.

Jay Shank says:

Thanks AC...i updated mine..

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MarkSeven says:

Already went back to Swiftkey on my tablet (since it was on sale). The Google keyboard was annoying me.

Gatsby989 says:

This App is not available world wide

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rlhammon says:

You can long press to get a number? You learn something new all the time.

This is one of my complaints about Android... seems like features are built into the OS that one never knows about. Now, if you've been using Android for a long time, perhaps you do.. but I only switch 18 months ago, and updates never really seem to explain what the changes are.

Good to know...

chronophilos says:

I haven't gotten the update yet, does anyone know what version it is to look for the apk online?

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CapeData says:

No long-press numbers on my N7-1, either (after update).

Mateus109 says:

Me neither. Reinstalled updates but still no long-press numbers option. :-(

jlh73 says:

Still haven't received the update either.

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zoya123 says:

help seriously help I rooted my tablet I believe I did and now when I try to go into my Google Play Store it won't stay in there. its a sero 7 I I just want to get it back to factory settings so I can reroute it sorry and it won't let me do that I can't get into play store and I think I deleted it so somebody please tell me where I can go to fix this is to get it back to factory setting cuz I tried pushing the buttons and stuff like that please