Google IO at Moscone West in San Francisco

We're live at the Google IO keynote at Moscone West in San Francisco, where we expect to see the latest version of Android -- called Froyo -- announced any second now. We hope. Only one way to find out. Join us after the break to get it all as it happens.

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DiggyLR says:

WOOOOOOO lets get it started!

MOE-GUNZ says:

Watch it live at Googles YT page. I'm going to watch it and read your comments :)

Tietherope says:

Awesome, I have been flipping between this and other sites to see who will be doing a live blog.

Page link?

MowDownJoe says:

Tietherope says:

Youtube is blocked at work :(
Sticking to the live blog it is.

Simer03 says:

i just went to their YT page, and i saw please?

rizzay1 says:

Android FroYo!!

Qbfinest83 says:

Has anyone been able to view the video from Youtube mine just keeps loading

Elden says:

its working fine for me

Qazme says:

Yeah works for me too, but I'm looking at it through the HTML5 page on Chrome.

nkwebb140 says:

Yeah - youtube video just keeps loading for me as well.

Can I not ask Phil questions during the live blog?

santinelli says:

Yes the youtube video is rebroadcasting...

jeffscott#AC says:

quick question: i was late to the YouTube channel. will there be a chance to go back and watch what i missed? i'm really eager to see the SI demo... cheers

reddragon72 says:

Man not a single thing about Android. I don't think anyone even said Android all through the whole thing! The WEBM and Google web store was interesting though. Can't wait to try those out!

Guess another 20 hours to go to hear about Android :-(

Awake says:

Not to be a stickler but, there's no such thing as "West San Francisco".

da.bell says:

Moscone West in San Francisco not just West San Francisco.

Awake says:

I know where the Moscone Center is, that part of the City is not referred to as West San Francisco.

reddragon72 says:

WOW total fail!!

It says "Moscone West in" not "Moscone in west". look at the picture of the building if your still confused.

Awake says:

They must have updated the article, I initially read is as Moscone in West San Francisco.