Google IO

Finally, Google's given us a date for the 2012 edition of its Google IO developer's conference. April 24-25 is the result, with Moscone West once again the venue.

Google IO, of course, is the conference for all things Google, not just Android. But it's also where we've gotten previews of things to come, panels with the movers and shakers in the Android world, and some great meetings with developers.

No word on registration yet -- but we're willing to bet that it sells out even quicker than last year.

Source: Google Code blog
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Reader comments

Google IO 2012 announced for April 24-25 in San Francisco


Do you get to pre-register if you were lucky enough to register last year? I doubt I'll be that lucky next year....

im thining of going if they have the student discount. I can stay with family in the area and its a hell of lot cheaper buying the airfare vs the gadgets they give out.