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Mobile ads are sometimes really, really annoying, but they serve a purpose -- devs got to get paid. However, perhaps the most frustrating  thing of all is when you accidentally tap on an ad banner, soon finding yourself nowhere near the app you were in. Google is putting an end to that today, with the announcement that confirmed clicks are to be implemented into all in-app image advertising banners on smartphones. 

It's incredibly simple, but sure to delight users around the globe. From their research, Google has deduced that the biggest majority of accidental clicks occur around the outer edges of the banners. So, going forward, taps in these areas will prompt a confirmation button to appear before heading out to any related websites. Google claims it will be good for the companies that are buying advertising, as they will be getting valuable clicks for their money instead of a number of people who didn't really care much for the advertised product or service. 

And, of course, it's fantastic news for us, the end user. People still get paid, and we lose a big source of frustration. 

Source: Google Mobile Ads Blog


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Google introducing confirmed clicks into all mobile advertising banners


Give it up for the people at Google. They've been busting their humps all year to give us the best platform form in the world. Huzzah!

Hopefully the "click box" around these banners ins't very large so as to extend past the banner into the articles.

I can't wait to see the CTR (click through rate) on these ads. Mobile advertisers love touting the awesome clickthrough and interaction of mobile banners. On the desktop I've seen it time and time again a matter of being accidental. On a mobile device, where the tap is both the "click" AND the way to navigate, it's probably happening by accident even more often.

This is a great, smart move

What you will lose though are those who accidentally click, but then find themselves wanting to learn more about product X. I don't normally click in-app ads, except for accidental taps. However, during those accidental taps I have found myself going "Well that's an interesting product, now I'm glad I clicked the ad". However, with the confirm button I will definitely say "no" or click back or whatever, which loses the app creator $$ and loses a potential (accidental) sale for the advertiser.

Great idea here. I know that an app I use(can't for the life of me remember which) already does this, and every time I accidentally click, I'm always delighted that it doesn't send me into random sites across the web.