Automatic video highlights through Google+ and new photo enhancements 

At the "Morning with Google+" event today, Google VP Vic Gundotra announced a range of new photo and video features for Google's social network. Google's "computer vision" now recognizes more objects, auto photo enhancements can be dialed up or down, while Snapseed gains a new HDR scape filter. Google+'s "Auto Awesome" photo features have been upgraded with some smartphone-like capabilities, including motion shots — showing the subject several times in the same image —and eraser shots — automatically cutting out moving objects.

Google's also added Analog Efex Pro to its Nik collection of professional filters, which sells for $149.

But the most interesting new feature for mobile watchers is Auto Awesome Movies, which is essentially identical to HTC's video highlights feature from its latest Android phones. Auto Awesome Movies cuts video clips and photos together, adds filters and puts it to music, giving users the kind of reel you see in the video above. All in all, very similar to what we've been enjoying on the HTC One for the past several months.

We'll let you know when the new photo features start to hit Google's apps on the Play Store. In the meantime, share your thoughts in the comments.

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Google introduces Auto Awesome Movies and other new photo features


Out of curiosity I just checked for updates to G+ and Hangouts app and the date for most recent version of the G+ App says today's date- so a rollout of a new version should be underway shortly, hopefully! Unfortunately, there was no new date for the Hangouts app.

Sharing visually interesting videos with minimal effort.

The Auto Awesome feature of Google+ is...well...awesome.

you have to be immature to be interested in sharing videos. most adults are too busy to make corny videos, and their adult friends don't have time to watch said corny videos.

The world according to cokeblack. Good thing your opinion means crap to the rest of the world. When you become an adult, you'll realize that "corny" video is one of those things that just make life worth it. It's not about dying for the next buck. Stop, slow down, watch a sunrise and take brendilon's advice about getting the stick removed.

Right... and Youtube is the #4 most popular website on the planet strictly because of kids.

You sound like you might want to see a proctologist about that stick...

I've totally given up following links to YouTube videos that people send me of their "Oh So Precious" special moments. Totally sappy stuff 98% of the time.

There are some things I enjoy there, but if you send me a youtube link the chances of me watching it are slim to none. Its mostly a wasteland.

Whats ironic is that you sound like someone who isn't that mature at all. How old are you? Let me guess, you must have just turned 18 recently.

Nigga u stoopid.

U dont c tha popularitee of vine n instagram son?

Millions n millions of peeps be sharin n carin nigga.

aint our fault dat u aint a fun mo'fucka. Nigga git a life.

you have to be immature to be interested in sharing videos. most adults are too busy to make corny videos, and their adult friends don't have time to watch said corny videos.

Cellphones weren't invited when I was 5... for that matter, neither was a device that the average person could record video on... let alone share it. I share video all that time... and I'm WAY past 5 years old. Only someone who was 6 or 7 would think that sharing videos was for 5 year olds. "I'm 7, sharing videos is or babies!"

I have an HTC One and I really like this feature - I have gone so far as to copy photos taken with my DSLR onto phone to create a video highlight.

As nice as this feature sounds, why does it work "off-phone". HTC Zoe does it on the phone itself...without any extra data eating up my Allowance. Make the "Auto Awsome" a "on-phone" feature. HTC Zoe is a pretty neat idea, especially for post processing purposes. You take a picture and someone walks through, you can delete that person afterwards. Something funny happens and you would like to catch the moment afterwards in motion in your picture. you can do that

Google should change the name of this gimmick to Auto Stupid and Useless. How about VOIP for Hangouts on Android? That would be auto awsome.

excuse me mam, i think i made the most useful suggestion to google of all time. you need to go back and read my post out loud for it to sink in.

These new features from the hangouts app and the Google + auto awesome feature is geared towards reaching out to a wider audience. Sort of like what HTC, Samsung and others are doing with their software. HTC created zoes so not so techy people can enjoy a fun little video/picture collaboration without much experience. Samsung has its own little knick knacks for non techy people that think are fun and it offers a good selling point to a wide range of consumers. While I don't say I use these features on these phones, I do know a lot of people that do or would if they had them. Google is trying to do the same. And its a very good direction to head. It will probably help them sell more nexus phones to a wider range of people because more and more people will start to recognize Google as the basis of android and it's smart phones, instead of just seeing Samsung or HTC. There are more people out there than just AC or Engadget or whatever tech site readers out there and Google wants to reach out to more of those people.

Posted via Android Central App

Ever heard the old adage, "If you have nothing useful to say, Shut the phuck up?" Just because you "cool cats" think it's useless doesn't equate to the rest of the real grown up world. It's a cool feature that cost you nothing. Don't like it, don't use it. Simple.

Are you like 12 years old? You sound like a spoiled little brat knocking the world because his Pokemon got beat down. Yeah, Auto Awesome sounds... Phucking Awesome! What the hell is "grown up" to you. Listen kid, slow down. Don't rush adulthood. It may look cool from the outside but we actually use words like Auto Awesome! And those Google guys get paid some really Awesome Bucks! Fricken Awesome! Auto Awesome in fact!

I've had an HTC One for 6 months and I can tell you that this is one of the truly great features of this phone. I have 4 young children and I'm always taking pictures and videos of them. My wife and I really enjoy looking at the highlight videos after a family outing. So yes... responsible adults will make use of this feature.

I think it's interesting the way G+ is really pursuing the photography community. between the huge amounts of storage, the built in tools and the community, the serious photographers I know have all become pretty invested in G+.

Complaining about a feature that cost nothing and doesn't need to be used.

Don't you dare change Internet. Don't you dare.

Wow. So much hate on something they don't force you to use. People don't take or share videos typically because it's a pain in the butt to make something worth watching. HTC and Magisto have tried and are decent but this looks much more promising with more control and options.

The " showing the subject several times in the same image" worked for some time even before the morning event. I had my wife's photos eating shark soup autoawesomed to collage. :-)

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This is great, even as an HTC One user I'm happy about this, mostly because of more variety of music clips. I'm very tired of the ones on the One.

I had heard Google was releasing an Auto Awesome feature, but I hadn't yet read about it. I was stunned tonight to find that it stitched together 4 landscape still shots I took this afternoon on my Galaxy Nexus. Really nice. However they did it, I think it's pretty amazing.