Google Helpouts

Experts in a variety of topics can offer free or paid help from anywhere

Google has introduced a new service it is calling "Google Helpouts" today, and as the name would imply it is based on connecting people to help each other with a Google Hangout video call. A new page and support documentation for Google Helpouts has been released quietly tonight (we'd expect Google to make a formal announcement soon) with a lot of information about what exactly it is and how it works.

The basic idea is to build up a network of experts on different topics — cooking, exercise and mechanical help are used as examples — that are willing to help others who have a need for that specific knowledge, and link them together for either free or paid help. That's right, experts can offer their services for a self-defined fee, of which Google takes a 20 percent cut to cover Google Wallet transaction and hosting fees. Google is however offering a 100 percent money-back guarantee to the person receiving the help if they aren't satisfied.

Google is taking information from people who are interested in giving or receiving help, but that's the extent of this system at the moment. Presumably Google is interested in building up a group of experts who are willing to offer their services before making the entire system live.

We know that Google Hangouts has turned into a great system for bringing people together that aren't in the same geographical area, but this system is really going to hinge on the number of experts that are willing to provide help to others. Especially when it comes to a paid service, people are going to be hesitant to jump right in with this. What do you say, would you pay an expert for their knowledge over a Google Helpout?

Source: Google Helpouts; Via: Android Police


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Google Helpouts plans to connect experts with novices for live video learning


How does Google plan to prevent this from becoming an adult service?

I can think of dozens right now... can't post any of them here, since many AndroidCentral readers are under 13. :(

Never stopped Phil from writing articles about hardcore porn apps, and he's an editor who's apparently well aware that there's 13 year olds who visit android central... So, I think you'd be fine because they don't seem to care too much about what children have access to here at good ol' android central...

Yeah....are you all new to the internet? Cause 13 year olds torrent

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What? Hardcore porn Android apps? Phil writing articles about them?

Hurry! Someone go alert the church elders and Apple fanboys!
(this would never have be tolerated on iOS / Apple Apps Store)

I give it a month for this to be pulled off. If I was Google I would've brand this with a different name. I'm all about getting questions asked in the internet, but these just sounds like a big headache I don't think Google wants to be associated with when it fails. Obviously I haven't read the "terms of services" but I'm thinking the only way this would work would be with a lot of monitoring, extensive cooperation with IRS, and for Google to have and keep tons of your information (ability to work, licenses, insurance, etc) and having it matched and confirmed under a possibly third party.
That's a walled garden hard to maintain. But, on the other hand, you should be able to get your fortune told by an "expert" pretty easily and possibly more secure than using other methods in the internet.

That name, "Helpouts" is awful. Why not just call it Google Help and have those who need general help with Google products go to the support page?

It's called "helpouts" because it's based around hangouts.

It's not to get help with Google products. It's to connect people to independent experts. For example you're trying to change your distributor cap on your car and need some advice you could connected with an auto mechanic live over a hangout and get your questions answered.

Where did you get the idea that this is limited to Google products?

You need to know how to change your oil... you can go here and find someone to show you. You need to understand how to set up network security... you can go here.

I know a lot of people search YouTube now for instructions / help on topics... this is paid (can be free) information tailored directly to you in a real time video chat setup (Hangout).

Good maybe then I'll learn how to insert picture in Android Central. Would love to make that happen!

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I hope this supports generating a new "profile" on G+ for this. I'd really hate to have to open myself up to everyone that wants help to my individual page. I already get enough messages about people adding me to circles, I don't want to manage a whole new set of people to my individual profile.

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