Google Goggles

The last Google Goggles update brought the ability to scan images and search for things within those images on Google -  the problem though, was the fact it only worked within Google Googles application and not the built-in camera app. The latest update rolled out today changes that and adds barcode services as well so that when you scan a barcode, the appropriate action is taken -- such as opening a url or sending a text message. Minor update overall but an update nonetheless. You'll find the download link past the break for you all.

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rem_kujawa says:

Is this any different from Google shopper?

adebisi says:

good question

drathos says:

How is this new? Wasn't this in the previous update?

I took a picture of something last week in the Camera app and a little while later I got a notification from Google Goggles where it had automatically scanned it.

Oxirane says:

It has been there for a while.... I disabled the option as it just became annoying for me. Could be cool for some, though!

icebike says:

If you turn history on, in the old version it would notify you when a good match came along.

This one attempts to do it real time EVERY TIME you use your camera.
Very annoying. I had to turn it off.

ameadows252 says:

I thought this was a feature in the last update a week or so ago.

iPwn says:

I think Chris Parsons just hasn't bothered to look at his app updates until now. :P

icebike says:

Does your pinch to zoom in the Gallery work after this is installed?