There's an update for Glass on it's way — XE17.2 to be exact — that kills a few more bugs and offers better device management when the battery gets low.

Among various bug fixes, this release better handles instances when Glass is extremely low on power. One thing you might notice is a new screen with a red flashing low battery indicator when Glass doesn't have enough power to turn on and needs to be plugged in.

Be on the lookout for it, and sound off if you think it makes a difference after you've used it a while.

Source: Google


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Google Glass XE17.2 rolling out to bring better handling of low-power states


With the frequent reboots I've gotten since the most recent update, I'd really just like XE12 or my money back.

I almost completely agree with you, the random reboots are becoming unbearably annoying. The only thing saving it, in my opinion, is the easy fix of restarting it yourself. However, I noticed it'll start doing it again if you leave it charging for a while.