For the first time since its announcement Google Glass is officially available to purchase outside the United States. Today Google has announced that Glass is now available to purchase from the UK Google Play Store, priced £1,000 ($1,700). Like U.S. buyers, Brits get their choice of free frame or shade when buying Glass.

The arrival of Google's head-mounted computer on British shores comes ahead of its annual developer conference, Google I/O, which kicks off June 25.

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Google Glass UK hits the UK, priced £1000


> Is there a waiting list?

LOL! A waiting list? So you can pay £1000 and look like that ponce in the picture? No, I think you're safe to order a pair now without having to wait for the rush to die down1

FTS! Glass way too over priced. I think at £400 I would still not get it. I could see me having it for a month then it sitting dust collecting.

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Only enthusiasts will buy it for now. I feel like that's what Google is going for though.

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You can buy best glasses whit that price and best sunglasses. It is over priced and one company claims it cast 100$ to make these so why does the development cast 900$?