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As consumers work on making up their mind on how Google Glass will fit into their lives, medical students at University of California, Irvine will be using the wearables for their classes. Announced today, the medical program at UC Irvine is taking on an initial 10 pairs of Google Glass to use in the classroom with third- and fourth-year medical students, with the intention of adding another 30 pairs for use with first- and second-year students later in the year.

As UC Irvine points out, while other schools have dabbled with the idea of using Glass for medicine, it is going all-in with integrating Glass into its full four-year medical school curriculum. The Glass units will be loaded with proprietary software to provide live video streams, information on patient care and learning materials while students are doing hands-on learning.

Source: UC Irvine; Via: 9to5Google

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FutureKix says:

Wow that's awesome! I'm assuming the students don't have to pay fkr them, right? If they have proprietary software then it would seem those are property of the school. Quite the investment!

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Considering the cost of med school, the students are paying for them; they just aren't getting to keep them.

Zig261 says:

Which means my future loans skyrocket when i graduate considering the cost of Glass. :-(

Let's not talk about those loans. I've seen my wife's balances. :(

Mac58 says:

I wish my med school did this :-(

Spencerdl says:

Hummm, at $1500 dollars a pair...thats a lot of CHEESE

NickLippert says:

I wonder if they get any sort of educational discount.

mwara244 says:

What happens if Google drops the program and decides against a consumer version for this.

zackmack7 says:

This can be seen as an important step in Google Glass' adoption (and acceptance) by the general public.

abtxpress says:

I was born at UCI.

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