Auto Awesome notification

Auto Awesome — the photo enhancer built in to Google+ — just got a little more awesome. Now, whenever Auto Awesome does its thing, you'll get a notification telling you so. That saves you from having to dive into your photos and figure it out on your own. This works on the app as well as the web, of course.

A bugfix update reported is coming down for the Google+ app as well, so be on the lookout for that.

Source: +Virgil Dobjanschi

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yodatom10 says:

I thought it was doing this in the past.. but maybe it was only on the photo. great addition either way

NoNexus says:

is there more info somewhere on this "Auto Awesome" that you speak of? I must have missed the memo

Xopher says:

I was wondering this myself. No idea what the feature means.

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Reciprocal says:

Ugh... when will the world stop using the word "awesome" for things that aren't at all awesome?......

Before "awesome" was "revolutionary" with the same BS meaning.
This is a "power words" concept managers so love to use.

glazedfaith says:


wsmather says:


jtphenom says:

Amen! Thank you!!

DJBigBenVA says:

I just got the G+ app update

Is it in a update that is rolling out? I can't find it or how to activate it.

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artlu629 says:

An awesome notification would be the DuffMan going, "ooh yeah!" for your ringtone.

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