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When Google announced the Nexus One last month, it also showed off Google Earth for Android for the first time. And now, it's finally available. Looks like it's an Android 2.1 app (it doesn't show up in the Market on my 2.0.1 Droid), and pinch-to-zoom is fully enabled.

Google Earth

There are a number of layers available for Google Earth, including Places, Businesses, Panoramio, Wikipedia, Roads, Borders and Labels, and Terrain.

Google Earth is a hefty app, taking up about 22.5 megabytes of space of your phone's storage. You can download by scanning or clicking the QR code to the left.

Update: And now we have video of the Google Earth app after the break.

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myriad46 says:

Now I REALLY want 2.1 to finally come out!!!

jtwebfusion says:

myriad46, what does your build.prop file look like? I'm trying to determine what the difference is between your ROM and the Droid 2.0.1 ROM.

myriad46 says:

What? I'm running a stock Droid with 2.0.1

atlbuc says:

I'm running DroidMod ROM v1.0 and I can see and download it.

gujupmp88 says:

Running Sholes v2.0.5 and i can see it on my Droid. Just downloaded it also and it works.

Yeah, I'm not sure who all can see it and who can't. Definitely chime in on what ROM you're using and if you have it in the Market or not.

It shows up on my Nexus One running the Desire ROM, but not on the Droid running a stock ROM.

agentlotek says:

DAMNIT, let me take a guess as to why I can't find it in android market...My Eris's lame-ass Android 1.5 build?

My phone is feeling more and more handicapped every time a new google app comes out...


aergern says:

So root your phone and try some ROM's out .. there has to be some decent ones for the Eris by now. You can always go back to stock when HTC updates. Come on .. live a little. :D

ChurchBear says:

Can't see it in my Verizon Droid.... (so the market is filtered to the type of OS you're using? - interesting)

Any suggestions on how I get this?

entwined82 says:

Not showing up on a stock 2.0.1 droid. Not like I want it anyways, thats a huge app and I don't even use it on my PC at home.

milrtime83 says:

Shows up with Droid Sholes 2.0.5 rom. Though there's no way it's staying on my phone taking up that much space.

jtwebfusion says:

What's the difference between the Sholes 2.0.5 ROM and the Droid 2.0.1 ROM?

cpg716 says:

Go to new updater available also, since old Sholes one no longer works.

cpg716 says:

I downloaded it, and it works on Sholes 2.0.5 ROM..

jtwebfusion says:

Disregard. I figured it out. I switched to in /system/build.prop. :)

SylarDX says:

Aw! So only on 2.1? Google, please release 2.1 for my myTouch3G+ soon!!

tada1096 says:

what is the dif between google earth and google maps? both seam to have the same stuff?

ChocoBilly says:

I wonder the same...

MedioGringo says:

Check out the grand canyon and you'll see.

sjcea says:

Not even close to the same . Google earth is far better

MedioGringo says:

Well I've been playing with it for 5 minutes and it has already crashed. I tried to look at the Grand Canyon in 3D and it freaked out. Oh well.

Ridiculously "hefty" unless you can run it from the SD Card. Oh wait, I forgot the Droid CAN'T run apps from the SD card!

And yet my lowly Treo 700p has no problem at all running apps (including Garmin Navigation with maps of the entire US and Canada) directly from the SD Card.

entwined82 says:

That is a limitation on all Android phones. Not to mention Blackberry. Have you tried running apps on Windows Mobile from an SD card? I found very few that worked.

aergern says:

They just lifted that restriction today for Windows Mobile/Classic/whateveritistoday.

Gunner says:

Works on my Droid w/ Sholes 2.0.6, but did freeze up on me a couple times. It's definitely a huge memory & cpu hog.

@entwined82: I used to run almost all my apps off SD on my old WinMo phone, and they all worked. Was never a problem for me. *shrug*

sjcea says:

Works AWESOME on my Nexus One !!!! Its about time !! What an incredible app !!!!! WHOOOO HOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

KrazyRogue says:

Stock 2.0.1 and no Google Earth in the Market.

OrlandoBob says:

Same here. Stock Droid v2.0.1 I want to see Google Earth. It's great on a regular PC. Wonder why they put it out when it won't work on the big-mama phone.

hotkoko says:

WOW!! i can move my finger around to see the world.. no difference in that and google maps. GIVE US 2.1

magnum#AC says:

Finally! its about time

edwinc8811 says:

yeah, you can see all this in google maps...

ips says:

works great on droidmod 1.0

Roshizzle731 says:

awesome your in the same "beautiful Gulf Of Mexico town" as me.

I am running BB V.1 on my Droid and it showed up for me, so I downloaded it and it's running flawlessly for me!

drewski#AC says:

there's an apk download on that will work on non-rooted 2.0.1 (e.g. my Droid). not sure about other Android versions.