Google Earth for Android adds more 3D buildings, Tour Guide

Google Earth was another one of the many apps updated for Android Jelly Bean, and includes a new Tour Guide mode to help you find the important sights in a new city. Collections of thousands of notable points of interest will pop up in Tour Guide, and with a quick tap, Maps will fly over to it and provide information from Wikipedia on the spot. The updated Google Earth for Android will also include improved 3D imagery created using 45-degree satellite photography. You can take a look at the new automatically-generated models in the video below. 

You can download Google Earth in the Play store here if you don't have it already. The iOS version will be updated shortly, if you're into that kind of thing. 

Anyone excited for the update? Do you tend to use Google Earth that often even with Maps around?

Source: Google Lat-Long


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Google Earth for Android improves 3D buildings, adds Tour Guide


I love the update. I use Earth & Maps all the time Simon. They're both great on my GS2 & 7 inch Galaxy tab 2 with CM9. They're both so smooth.

What is the big difference between Google Earth and Google Maps? If I already have Maps why would I want Earth?

I'm going to try Earth now and see what, if anything, is different.

lol its funny that this was a HUGE update for IOS 6 and yet its more of a afterthought for Android as it wasnt even worthy of being mentioned in the keynote lol. Just shows how far behind Apple really is...