Google Drive

Also a slick new video tutorial the first time you run the app

Rounding out today's Googlicious updates is another small one, this time for Google Drive. The current version — which varies by device — includes just two changes over the ubiquitous bug fixes. namely animated GIF support and a new 1x1 shortcut to the document scanner.

The former you'll find in any document you've embedded an animated GIF in (every doc here at AC ends up with at least one meme), and the latter you'll find where you normally find shortcuts and widgets you want to place on your home screen.

Also pretty cool is the new training video you see when you first run the app. It's very "new Google" and worth wiping data on Drive just to see it. 

Of course, the typical Google slow trollout means you'll either have to wait for your turn or root around the net for a sideload. You can try your luck at the Google Play link above.


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Google Drive updated with quick-scan widget and animated GIF support


"It's very "new Google" and worth wiping data on Drive just to see it. "

You must not use Drive for very much.

So you cannot play downloaded movies on the tv

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Interesting that you say animated gifs are found "in any document where they're embedded". Surely standalone .gif files are supported too?