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Google has responded to the SMS bug on their Google Code page, stating that there were actually two different issues at work, both have been identified, and they will be deploying a fix shortly.  All you folks who are experiencing one of these bugs will be able to start pestering your carriers soon for the fix.  No exact time frame was given to expect any fixes, but at least now everyone can stop trolling Google.  [Google Code]

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DPtheKid says:


jesta192 says:

No way to verify this, but the way the post is worded, I'm thinking they may be able to push an updated Messaging app similar to the Gmail and Maps updates. Again, just speculation.

moosc says:

Six months

cloud36426 says:

Well at least they have acknowledged the problem and are prepared to fix it. Unlike you are holding it wrong lmao. Google FTW!!!!!!!

SomEngangVar says:

Funny how after writing such a scathing article the first time, Engadget has yet to say anything about this.

TimeHunter says:

Now if only they will fix the WMA file tag reading issue . . .