Currents is now Newsstand

Today's update wipes Currents from your device and points you at Newsstand

There's an update for Google Currents slowly pushing out, and it has a very simple change. When you install it, it will direct you to install [Newsstand(

All your Currents subscriptions are transferred over, and the Currents app itself is shrunk down to a stub, removed from your application drawer, and has all of it's data erased. The only thing you can do with it is uninstall it, which you probably should do.

Getting started with Newsstand is easy — especially with all your Currents subscruptions migrated over. One that you'll want to be sure to subscribe to is Android Central, which is pretty easy to do right from the Newsstand app via a quick search for us, or click right here if you're reading this on your computer.

Folks that want to keep using Currents should skip this update, of course, but with so much of the app done server-aide, chances are it will stop working eventually. You'll need to figure out what service you want to go with when that happens, and be prepared.


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Google Currents update kills Google Currents - long live Newsstand!


I remember when currents first came out and android central was the site with the most followers.

Posted via Android Central App

When News Stand came out I never opened currents again. It was really bad and gave Android a bad name with how laggy it was. So very please to see the back of it.

I updated it, it gave me the option to uninstall but the icon is still in the application drawer! Does any one have a fix?

it was there for me but it disappeared when i opened currents and clicked launch magazine.

it took few seconds though

It disappears from the drawer yes, but the app still remains on the device. You'll find it via settings/apps. Will disable it again cause it's crap and news stand is much better.

It doesn't appear Google Play Newsstand supports Daydream, which is just about all I use Currents for. I've come across many interesting articles passively, more than I would if I was actively flipping through the news. Is there anything else that works like that?

Agreed. I knew this day was coming the moment Newsstand was launched but I kept Currents only for the purpose of the Daydream functionality. The first thing I checked after reading this article was if they finally put Daydream support into the Newsstand app. Nope...

PS: Are we the only ones concerned about this?!

Seems like we are the only ones using Currents as an informative screensaver. I guess Newsstand might be able to serve as a content source for some new Daydream app, but I haven't found one yet. Not going to wait for them to add it; if it didn't come with it out of the box, I don't think they intend to add it.

Looks like Flipboard can be used with Daydream, I'll give it a shot and see how I like it.

Too bad Newsstand totally wrecked Magazines. I've got plenty of newsreader options, but now I need to manually download my magazines since Google FUBARed things in the forced merger with Newsstand.

Posted via sheer force of will on my Nexus 5!

Am I the only one that really liked Currents? I tried to use Newsstand, but I much preferred the navigation from one source to another in Currents. As a result of the depreciation, and now removal, of currents, I've pretty much just stopped checking the news on my phone. This is somewhat similar to the switch to MTP for storage access, which has been so buggy and unreliable that I've pretty much stopped using my phone to transfer files. It's just easier using a flash drive.

I love Google, I truly do, but it's moves like these that's making me increasingly reluctant to adopt any of their services or apps for daily use. They seem to be becoming more and more of a moving target with their frequent and, at times, seemingly aimless, changes of direction. I know most all their services are free, but if they make their money on ad revenue, they still need people to use their services. I'm just getting to the point where I'd rather pay for an app or service knowing that it's development will continue than use free ones that come and go on the wind.

I don't know if I would say I "liked" currents, but I will say it let me read the couple of feeds without a problem. Perhaps I will like Newstand even more if I use it, but I do think it is a rather dickish thing to do to send out an "update" that just kills an app. Heaven forbid send out an update that gives a splash-screen notifying of the impending kill a few weeks beforehand at least.


I havent updated for that reason. I'll keep them separate apps. I like newstand for it's laying on bringing my news.. but I like the layout of Currents for bringing my tech blogs, like this site, droid-life, engadget, etc..

Maybe not, but I hated currents. The first thing I did on nexus devices was disable currents because it was a battery drain. I like the newstand app a lot.

via moto x.

I liked Currents too. Yes, it was laggy, and had a strange way of dealing with the "back" button, but it had an awesome widget which allowed to flip through news right from the home screen.
Newsstand created a widget with the new version, but it is far from being as cool as Currents. All you can do with it is uncheck individual news to get to the next one, no going back.

Well, it would sure be nice for me to be able to actually REMOVE the damn thing now that its useless, but its a "system app" on my nexus 7. Guess I'm just stuck with letting a now-utterly useless app take up space on my tablet

Posted via Android Central App

I updated, ran it, clicked the newsstand button and it was REMOVED from my Nexus 7 and my Nexus 5. That's what the update is designed to do. You aren't stuck with anything.

I have the same issue. Running the update removed the app from the drawer, and I was the able to uninstall the remnant on my Nexus 5. My 2013 Nexus 7 only allows me to "uninstall updates". Strangely inconsistent.

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ok, so now we are forced over to the Newsstand app, fair enough - I guess...
But how do I remove unwanted content/spam from the Read Now section? and how do I remove such unwanted content/spam from the widget?

I like newsstand better, but I still think they should fix some ui elements. I can't get myself to use currents or newsstand often because of this.

Anyone know a good replacement for the currents widget? That's all I used currents for, just scrolling through news on my home screen.

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Currents was a battery drain for me and the only apps I care to look at for news is iMore and Android Central. Any other news I get from my local news stations or the world news on TV.

Still, for what it offers, Newstand is a nicer, better application than Currents if not for the fact that it's not that bad on battery life like Currents was.

Posted through my Nexus 7!

Thank God currents is finally disappearing!! It liked to constantly run in background draining resources like mad. One of the worst apps google had IMO. More than glad to see it disappear, been waiting for this.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

I tried Currents once, and after about 2 minutes of using it, I was so disappointed with how useless it was that I uninstalled it. Newsstand is worlds above Currents. in my opinion, this was a good move on Google's part