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Google has announced that the Chrome team will be providing free WiFi to travelers this holiday season, partnering with three major airlines. 

They are  teaming up with AirTran, Delta and Virgin America to provide free Gogo WiFi to over 700 planes, which they are expecting to service more than 15 million passengers. 

The dates to receive the free WiFi are November 20th 2010 through January 2nd 2011. If you're flying one of these airlines for the holidays, get ready to enjoy free WiFi courtesy of the Chrome team at Google! [Business Wire]


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Google Chrome team to provide free WiFi to travelers this holiday season


I think you mean January 2nd, 2011. Minor mistake but it made me laugh a little.

Of course, it could just mean that google has invented time travel.

Thanks for the catch! With everything they're working on, it wouldn't surprise me to see Google working on time travel :)

Flying Delta on the way home from Chicago to Minneapolis. Its such a minor route I highly doubt that we'll get it, but who knows. :^D That would be pretty sweet, even if it is only about an hour twenty flight.