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Google CEO Larry Page brought us his 2012 update on the state of Google to the Investor Relations blog today, and naturally he had a good bit to say about Android. Nestled among the status of things like search and Chrome, Page puts it plainly -- Android is on fire, and activating over 850,000 devices each day.

Android is on fire, and the pace of mobile innovation has never been greater. Over 850,000 devices are activated daily through a network of 55 manufacturers and more than 300 carriers. Android is a tremendous example of the power of partnership, and it just gets better with each version. The latest update, Ice Cream Sandwich, has a beautiful interface that adapts to the form of the device.  Whether it’s on a phone or tablet, the software works seamlessly.

He also reminisces about the early days of Google mobile products, where they had to build their services one phone at a time. Android's purpose was to bring forth a set of mobile standards that operators and manufacturers could build devices around, and with 55 OEMs, it looks like it's succeeding on that front as well.

Page also touches a bit on the acquisition of Motorola Mobility, stating that Google is "excited about the opportunities to build great devices capitalizing on the tremendous success and growth of Android and Motorola’s long history of technological innovation". But the open nature of Android, and the investment that other hardware vendors have made won't be forgotten, and he looks forward to working with everyone to continue the open ecosystem that is Android.

It's a refreshing read from the mind of Google's chief executive, and well worth the read. It's apparent that Page has his eyes on the future, and we're all in for a great ride. 

Source: Google Investor Relations


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Google CEO Larry Page on Android in 2012 - 850,000 devices activated daily, 300 carriers


I edited your post. I, and many other members of AC, have had about enough of your shit. Rather than ban you from posting, I'll just edit every trollish comment -- it's more fun that way.


Wow thanks for the freedom of speech thats very open of you and this website! Anything else you care to edit and hide? Or should I say what else do you edit and hide!!

I love android. But come on there needs to be more uniformity to the os. Each new os should be available to all whithin a 6mo peroid if being released.tired of waiting my two year to see if i made a good decision on which phone is going to be viable in 6months or eol come to fast.

Ditto.....I had the Droid Incredible for 2 years and I believe it got one maybe two updates. Imagine all the security flaws in the OS, browser, etc. I just switched over to the iPhone 4S last week and its amazing! I will miss the larger screen, 4G, and Voice Navigation of the HTC Rezound as my other choice, but the polished UI of the iPhone, response of the UI, and the whole echo system just rocks. Not to mention the updates, when they get released I'll be able to upgrade that day.

Not trolling just being honest!!

Just want to point out a few things in above are comparing an older version of Android to iOS 5, apple's latest OS. As a launch day Gnex owner I can tell you ICS is fantastic. You also have had the 4s for a week. Give it some time. It is not has it's slowdowns, force-closes, and quirky things that happen. My wife has one and trust me they happen a lot. Every time I have to show her how to do something on her 4s, it feels like I am using a 3 year old phone. Apple is due for a redesign hardware and UI wise.

I have had an iPad2 for almost a year (am typing this on it now). It is a nice tablet and I enjoy using it, but it too has its problems. ICS has made iOS' ancient UI even more noticeable. I will probably go with an Asus Transformer line for my next tablet in the future. I don't want to bash it too much because the iPad2 is a great device overall and I use it a lot, but it isn't "magical" by any stretch.

Also dont get too excited about updates. Apple doesn't exactly optimize their new updates for older hardware. I have heard from friends that their older hardware ran increasingly slower and buggier with each update. And when I say older, I mean only 1 maybe 2 iterations older.

*edit* just to add a comment about the Droid Incredible...I had used one from Sept to December last year after my Palm Pre hit the deck and died. I picked up a heavily used Dinc on eBay to get me by until the Gnex. I was quite surprised that I got 2 OTA updates in that 3 month time frame. That is pretty good they were still supporting an older phone. I think there is a custom ICS ROM for the Dinc. May be fun to get the Dinc out and try it out!

I have sat down with the Galaxy Nexus and the Note and I thought it was worse than the older versions. Android OS caught up and made it easy to create folders and stuff, but I didn't think it was anywhere near making iOS look ancient in any way. But thats my 2 cents....everyone has there own opinion.

thanks for finally being honest, even if most readers of the site disagree with it. It's much more intelligent than trolling.

He's a liar. He's been trolling this site for months, long before he supposedly switched to an iPhone.

He's had an iPhone all along. He's been trolling this site for months, always bashing Google and trumpeting the iPhone.

Why does there have to be uniformity between devices. If you want that, go to iOS. I'm glad I don't have the same experience across all my devices. That would be very boring. I am running MIUI on my phone, Touchwiz on my tablet. It is good that they're not identical. That would be so boring.

It might be boring, but its the knowing the UI and getting around. If everything is similar then you should be able to get around quicker and do what you need do. Its all personal preference, but I like the boring quicker way I guess.

No im talking about when a new version of android like ice cream we should all have the update within 6 months of release. You spend up to 299 to get a "new" phone only to find out that its has a end of life in months later. So you get stuck waiting is mine going to get update or not.

What angers me are the new phones and tablets shipping with 2.3.x or whatever on them. No reason for them not to be running 4.0 or higher at this point. Most of the new phones that matter seem to be coming with 4.0, but not all of them. That is the problem when you work with 3rd parties, its a curse on one hand and flexibility on the other.

You now have openly admitted that you are on the iOS bandwagon. That's your choice so enjoy. Yet you are still here complaining? Move along to iMore. You'll be much more comfortable.

What angers me is that Apple is still using a 3.5" screen when the rest of the world stopped doing that like 2 years ago. If I could buy an iPhone with a screen larger than a postage stamp I might consider it.

That's all your own personal choice when buying the device. Want 4.x.x? buy a device that comes with it. With Apple, they do OS upgrades to try and punish jailbreakers and take away functions that you used to have (Siri, namely)

I just got the International Note and it's made me forget all about the G-nex and ICS. In fact, guess what's about to go up for sale and get it's number ported out...

Can't wait to here the commercials when apple finally gets a screen bigger than 4". They will claim ground breaking innovation and lines of bug-eyed fools will follow. They will soon annouce their new tv to be launched by end of year. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't the messiah Jobs get mad at SAMSUNG for supposedly making a phone similar to iphone. Isn't that the exact same hypocrisy of entering the tv market!

For those not familiar with Cashxx's antics and take him at face value, here is a post he made here back in November, 2010 almost a year and a half ago:

"I'd say the copy community, there is hardly nothing original on the Android.....looks, works, and feels like iOS. Android is iOS wanna be just like Windows is a Mac OS X wanna be. Amazing how similar Windows 7 looks like OS X now. Can't wait for Windows 8! Even Microsoft came out with there own OS this time with Window 7 Mobile. We got a new copy cat in town and its called Android/Google. lol"

This is the kind of crap he has been posting the entire time. He didn't just recently buy an iPhone and jump on the Apple bandwagon. He's been coming here to bash Android consistently for going on two years. I didn't have to search hard for this quote. It was just one of many examples that came up in a Google search.

For anybody who wants to see more examples, just use this Google search phrase: cashxx