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If you've been laying up nights waiting for the timer and cropping to return to the Google Camera app, rest easy tonight. The timer's back with today's update, as are cropping options. So go all 16:9 on your bad self(ie) if that's how you roll. Or stick with 4:3. We don't judge.

You've got options for 3- and 10-second timers as well. And two new choices when shooting panoramas: wide angle and fisheye.

Get your download on at the link above.


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Google camera update returns the timer, cropping options


Have they added back the photo taking while shooting video? Really miss that feature.

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Last time I downloaded this onto my old Note 3 the dreaded mm qcamera daemon bug rose it's ugly head

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I think the app still needs a helluva lot of work LOTS of missing features

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

Usually rolls out slowly to devices, just like Android OS updates.
Nexus 5 4.4.2 (rooted)

If it is nothing but an update to the app version in the Play store, then why would it roll out slowly? It *isn't* an OS update...

All app updates roll out slowly be they Google apps or 3rd party apps. They do this so there isn't hundreds of thousands of people hitting the server for the same app update at the same time.

why a timer? can't Google just add voice-activated shooting?

On my Samsung, I just say "cheese" or "capture" and it automatically takes a picture... works great up to about 20 feet away... unless it's a crowded room

I had a problem with the app never sticking in hdr mode. Every time I went back in to the app hdr was off. My N5 can take impressive pics with hdr; not so much this was a significant annoyance.

I say was because it looks to be fixed!! Hurrah!!!

I just started using the Google picture app this weekend. Today was the first time I went to crop an image and realized it wasn't there.

I like it because it's simple and when I give my phone for others to take a picture, it doesn't come out fuzzy.

Any other quick and simple apps out there for the Note 3

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I would like to know if anyone did a camera app comparison with Google camera app vs. Stock camera app, T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S4(4.4.2), Nokia 1020, or any other smartphone.

Didn't get it yet.. Hopefully soon so I can delete the Nexus Camera app.

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